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was scattered before the British power like dust before the hind. The remnants sought their safety at Udaynala. They entrenched themselves there for checking the progress of the British forces.

Mir Kasim had gone there in person. While there, one Syed Amir Hossein went to him and brought word that a prisoner was extremely anxious for an interview. The prisoner had some important information to give, but the person would not disclose it to any one excepting to His Highness.

“What is he?” asked Mir Kasim.

“She is a woman come from Calcutta," answered Amir Hossein. “Mr. Warren Hastings has sent her with a letter. She is not a regular prisoner. Your humble servant has taken the letter as it was sent before the war. If he is guilty of any impropriety, he awaits your Highness’ pleasure.” With these words, Amir Hossein read over the letter to the Nawab.

Warren Hastings wrote as follows :—

“I do not know this woman. She came to me in great distress and said that she was alone and helpless in Calcutta, and that if I sent her to you she would be saved. War is about to break out, but my nation has no quarrel with women, therefore I send this woman to you. I know nothing about her, good, bad or indifferent.”

After hearing the letter, the Nawab ordered the woman to be brought to him. Syed Amir Hossein went out and fetched her. The Nawab found she was Kulsam.

“What do you want, slave?" said the Nawab fiercely. “Do you wish to die?”

Kulsam calmly fixed her eyes on the Nawab and said, “Nawab, where is your Begum, can you tell me?