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extensive empire was slipping from his grasp—his best efforts could not keep it. But that unconquerable empire which could be governed without the least trouble—where was that empire gone? He had neglected the flower and cherished the thorn. Kulsam was right—the Nawab of Bengal was a fool.

Addressing the nobles the Nawab said, “Now listen to me all of you. This kingdom is not fit to be governed by me What this slave has said is perfectly true——the Nawab of Bengal is a fool. You can guard and defend these provinces if you can, I am off. I will go in hiding among the women at Rhotasgarh, or I will renounce the world and go out as a fakir.” In delivering these words, his powerful frame shook like a piece of bamboo fixed in a current. Choking his tears, Mir Kasim went on, “Listen my friends, if I am not killed by the English or their creatures like Shiraj-ud-dowla, then bury me by the side of Dalani’s grave-this is my request to you. I cannot speak further; you can now go. Nay, I would ask you to carry out an order of mine——I should like to see Taqui Khan once more.”

“Ali Ibrahim Khan!” called out the Nawab.

Ali Ibrahim Khan answered to the call. “I have not got another friend like you in this world,” said the Nawab. “This is my request to you—bring Taqui Khan to me.”

Ali Ibrahim Khan made his salute and going out of the tent mounted his horse and rode away.

“Is any one else willing to serve me?” enquired the Nawab.

Everyone responded, and awaited his pleasure with folded hands. “Can any of you bring that man Foster to me?” asked the Nawab.

“I will start for Calcutta at once to rind him out,” said Amir Hossein.