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conversation, and once or twice, he tried to get away. Amir Hossein prevailed on Stalkartt to stay a litt0le longer. The conclusion he arrived at was that the man knew all about Foster, but would not tell.

A short time after, Foster fetched his hat and sat down covered. Amir Hossein knew that this was against English etiquette. Moreover, while Foster adjusted his hat, Amir Hossein’s eyes fell on a bald scar in his head. Did Foster put his hat on to hide the mark ?

Amir Hossein took his leave. Returning to his tent he had Kulsam brought to him and said, “Come with me.” Kulsam followed.

He again entered Samru’s tent; Kulsam waited outside. Foster had not left the tent yet. Addressing Samru, Amir Hossein said, “If you have no objection, a slave-girl would pay her respects to you———she has got some important business.”

Samru gave his permission. Foster's heart went pitapat and he rose to depart. Amir Hossein caught him by an arm with a smile and urged him to resume his seat. Then he called Kulsam. Kulsam came in and stood motionless at the sight of Foster.

“Who is this man?” asked Amir Hossein of Kulsam.

“He is Lawrence Foster,” was the ready answer.

Amir Hossein seized Foster’s arm. “What have I done?” protested Foster.

Without deigning a reply, Amir Hossein addressed Samru and said, “Sir, there is an order of the Nawab to arrest this man; kindly direct some sepoys to hiring him with me. ”

“What’s the matter?” asked Samru in surprise.

“I will tell you later on,” said Amir Hossein. Samru gave some guards with him and Foster was taken closely secured.