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for their pleasure, are not very far out. Several Bengali women have bartered their love to Englishmen for greed of money—would not Shaibalini do the same? Taking a factory clerk with him, Foster again went to Vedagram and lay concealed in a thicket. The clerk saw Shaibalini, followed her and found out her home.

Every Bengali child gets terrified at the mention of a Bogey; but there are some naughty children who want to see a Bogey. Such was the case with Shaibalini. After the accepted manner of the times she would at first precipitately run away at the sight of Foster. Then some one said to her :—“The English do not catch people and swallow them straight off—they are very curious animals—just have a look at them once.” Shaibalini did look and found that the Englishman did not pounce upon her and eat her up. Thenceforward Shaibalini would not run away on the appearance of Foster, and gradually found courage even to talk to him. The reader knows it already.

In an evil moment Shaibalini took her birth in this world. In an evil moment did Chandrashekhar marry her. What Shaibalini is, we will tell later on; whatever that might be, Foster lost his labour.

Soon after, an order unexpectedly reached him from Calcutta to the following effect :——“Another man has been appointed to the factory of Purandarpore in your place, you should start for Calcutta at once. You will be deputed on special duty.” His successor followed close upon the order. Foster had. to start for Calcutta forthwith.

Shaibalini’s beauty had taken entire possession of Foster’s mind. He found that he must go away giving up all hopes of her. The Englishmen of Bengal in those days were incapable of two things only. They could