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most of them were there, but Shaibalini could not be found. “She must have hid herself somewhere,” opined a few, “and will presently come out.” “ No, she will not come out any more,” maintained the elderly among them, “and even if she did, Chandrashekhar would not take her back. The palanquin you saw carried her away.”

Those who had expected that Shaihalini would return, remained standing for sometime and finally sat down. After sitting for a while they began to doze, and after dozing for sometime they got disgusted and went away. Shaibalini did not return.

The girl, by name Sundari, whom we have introduced already, left the place last. She was the daughter of a neighbour of Chandrashekhar’s, by courtesy his sister, and an intimate friend of Shaihalini. We have given her account here, as we shall have need to speak of her later on.

After waiting for a long time, Sundari returned home at dawn and fell to weeping.


FOSTER went in person with the planquin to the bank of the distant Bhagirathi. There a boat was waiting properly furnished, and he helped Shaihalini into it. He had engaged Hindu servants, of both sexes, and guards too. What is the use of Hindu servants any longer? [1]

Foster himself started for Calcutta in a different conveyance. He had to go quick, and it was impossible for him to reach Calcutta within a week in a big hulking

  1. By leaving her home with an Englishman, Shaibalini is supposed to have lost her caste.