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“But why does Gurgan Khan want to capture the boats?”

“He says that if so much arms are allowed to collect there, it will be difficult to defeat the English. The enemy should not be allowed to grow strong. Ali Ibrahim Khan is of opinion that, whatever we might do we could not defeat the English. Therefore, it is better we should not go into war. If that be so, why bring about war by seizing the boats? That in the main is no doubt true; there is no escaping the hands of the English. I am afraid the scenes of Nawab Serajudowlla’s time will be acted over again.”

Dalani remained buried in thought for a time, and ultimately said, “Kulsam, are you game for a dangerous adventure?”

“What is it? Have I got to eat the Hilsa fish [1], or take a plunge in cold water?"

“Go to, it is no joke. If it reaches the Nawab’s ears, then both of us will be trampled under elephant’s feet.

“If it reaches his ear, then! Why, I have made away with so much attar, rosewater, gold and silver, and yet no one has been able to know of it. My idea is that the eyes of man have been put in his head as a mere decoration, he cannot see with them. Why, when has a man been able to detect awoman’s guile? I have not seen such a case.”

“Tut! I am not talking of the eunuch guards The Nawab is not like other men; what can escape his notice?”

“But what is there which I cannot hide? What do you want me to do?”

  1. The Hilsa fish is hard to digest