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"You, the Nawab’s Begum,” replied Gurgan Khan, “have secretly stolen out at night to my place; if the Nawab should come to know of it, he would kill us both you and me”

“If he at all comes to know of it, I will disclsoe our relationship. After that there will be no further cause for his displeasure.”

“You are a mere girl, therefore you expect such a thing. We have not disclosed our relationship to anyone up to this time. That you know me, or that I know you, none of us have yet revealed; and if at the time of danger it is made public, who will believe it? People will call it a subterfuge for escape. You have not done well to come here.”

“What is the chance of the Nawab’s knowing of it? The sentries are all under your control, and they have let me pass on seeing your token. I have come to ask one word only. Is it a fact that there will be war with the English?”

“Don’t you hear it talked about in the fort?”

“Yes I do. It is current there that war with the English is inevitable, and you have brought it about why?”

“You are a mere girl, how shall you understand it?”

“Am I talking like a girl, or am I in the habit of acting as such? When you yourself have planted me in the seraglio as an instrument of your self—advancement, then what is the good of ignoring me as a girl?”

“Let there be war. This war with the English can neither harm you nor me. If it should be war, let it be.”

“Do you expect to be victorious?”

“Our victory is most likely.”

“Who has been able to defeat the English up to the present moment?”