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invalid. Sundari hada younger sister by name Rupasi who lived with her husband.

With her Dacca sari [1] donned and her ornaments on, Sundari said to her father, “I wish to pay a visit to Rupasi. I have had very bad dreams about her.” Sundari’s father, Krishna Kamal Chakravartti, was an indulgent parent, and after a slight demur he gave his consent. Sundari then went to Rupasi. Sreenath started home.

Who is Rupasi’s husband? He is the self-same Protap. After his marriage with Shaibalini, Chandrashekhar used to meet his neighbour's son Protap every now and then and he learnt to appreciate Protap’s character. When Sundari’s sister Rupasi grew up to maturity, he contrived to bring about her marriage with Protap. Not only that, Chandrashekhar as tutor of Mir Kasim had great influence with him, and he secured a post for Protap under Mir Kasim’s government. By dint of his own merit Protap began to prosper day by day. He was now a zemindar. He owned a big mansion and a widespread name. Sundari’s palanquin entered Protap’s house. On meeting Sundari, Rupasi made her salutation and cordially welcomed her into the house. Protap also came out and gave her a facetious welcome.

At a suitable hour Protap asked Sundari all about Vedagram, and after talking on sundry matters, he enquired about Chandrashekhar.

“That is exactly what I have come to tell you “about,” said Sundari, “Now listen.”

With these words she related in detail the expatriation of Chandrashekhar and Shaibalini. Protap was struck

  1. Saris made at Dacca are famous for their fine texture.