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“Because I want to knock her head off,” replied Sundari. “I want to see her sent to Pluto’s abode; I want to apply the funeral torch to her face, &c., &c.”

"Sister, you are a bit of a scold,” said Rupasi.

“It is she who has made me so,” returned Sundari.


THE Council at Calcutta had decided on war with the Nawab. It was necessary to send some arms to the factory at Patna soon. For that purpose a boat laden with arms was got ready.

It had also become necessary to send some secret instructions to Mr. Ellis, the Agent at the Patna factory. Mr. Amyatt was at Monghyr to settle the differences with the Nawab. "No definite instructions could be given to Mr. Ellis without ascertaining what Mr.Amyatt was doing there, and how he understood the posture of afiairs. It became, therefore, necessary to send an astute officer. He would visit Mr. Amyatt, take instructions from him, and go to Mr. Ellis, and then explain to him the views of the Council at Calcutta and those of Amyatt.

With this object Governor Vansittart had called Mr.Foster back from Purandarpur. He was to go in charge of the boat of arms, and after, visiting Amyatt proceed to Patna. Consequently, Foster had to start up country as soon as he reached Calcutta. He got intimation about these things beforehand, and consequently sent Shaibalini to Monghyr in advance. On his way to Patna he met Shaibalini.

With Shaibalini and the boat of arms, Foster came to Monghyr, where he moored. After visiting Mr. Amyatt,