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The Nawab thought for a while and sent for a trusty, srong, and courageous eunuch. The eunuch came and mde his bow. Addressing him the Nawab said, “Take Hindu maid-servant and go with this lady. Take any weapons she wants. Go to the overseer of boats and get a fast craft, and with these start for Murshidabad at once.”

“What particular work have I got to accomplish?” asked Masibuddin.

“Do whatever this lady asks you to,” said the Nawab.

“You shall respect her as a Begum. Should you come across Delani Begum, bring her with you.”

Then they both made their bow to the Nawab after the customary style and took their leave. Shaibalini imitated the eunuch and backed out with receding steps, touching the ground with her hand to make her salaam. The Nawab laughed.

While Shaibalini was going out the Nawab cried out to her, “Madam, remember, if you are ever in trouble, come to Mir Kasim.”

Shaibalini again made her bow and said to herself, “Certainly I shall come to you; may be, I shall come to you with Rupasi for a decision as to who should have Protap for her hushand.”

Masibuddin secured the serving-maid and the boat. According to Shaibalini’s instructions, he took muskets, shot, powder, pistols, swords, and daggers. He could not venture to enquire why they were taken and thought, "She must be a second Chand Sultana.”[1]

That very night they started in the boat.

  1. A heroic Queen of Ahmednagar who defended her capital against the forces of the Mogul Empire. Clad in complete armour she fought sword in hand at the breach made by the Mogul artillery and was killed fighting. Vide "A Noble Queen,” by Meadows Taylor.