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bestow much gold largess on them. There was once a Prince who not only bestowed largess on the people, but also washed their feet with his own hands, for the reason that the Bible recorded that Jesus washed the feet of the Jews ; princes must imitate Jesus and therefore act in like manner. Alack ! All men in the world from President to people none but have a birthday and a dying day, why is it that none are kept in memory by men, like that of Jesus? Yen Yuan said, "he who exerts himself will also become such as he was." Heaven in begetting men endows them with the same talents: it only needs that men exercise them. Consider the number of heroes and celebrities in ancient times, who as a rule rose from the middle classes. Emperor Shun was a farmer. And so when Jesus came into the world he was pleased to be born in the family of a carpenter. At first people looked upon Jesus as nothing but a poor child ; who would have thought that he had the power of an enthusiastic preacher, and by giving his life for men, be their Saviour, and receive their worship eternally. Therefore though we are but feeble folk, unable to do any great thing, yet we should take Jesus as an example, and help other people mightily, doing everything conscientiously. In that case though we cannot compare with Jesus, yet we shall not come to that pass in life of being hated, nor meet with men's disapprobation after death.

4. A TALK ON THE IMPORTANCE OF MORALITY Morality is a most important concern of every one. Possessing morality, honours will gather round one without being sought : and wealth will be had naturally without any need to hunt for it. The good man will shed a lustre on any position ho may occupy. Whatever society he may enter, none but will respect and honour him. He will influence men without any words. How can this be explained? The reason is that men of goodness, by always acting correctly in whatever thing they do, get the confidence of others. When the people of a country have morality the consequence to the State is very great. The customs of the whole country will then be correct, and the basis of the State will be firm. Thus then the condition of the country depends on whether or no the people take morality as a criterion, I now want to quote a piece from a Western philosopher, translating it for the benefit of you all, gentlemen.