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Conditions, Willingness, to desire. Reason, .sense. Friendship. Affectionate feelings, willingness. To be excused as from work, ask leave. Chiu Al lu^t, in the end, after all. Spirit tax. To save, rtiscue. To Jieal, succour. To go to food, to eat ou the spot. Panama exhibition. Ch'iu To seek liappiaess. Tennis net. Ch'iang Poverty .stricken. Indigent person. Cho To ca|itiirej grip. To fOLupilo, prejiaro iniik-rial^j to put ill hiind. In a tinrry. To coiij-i'k'r, talk ovei-. Chou All round, complete, perfect. Ch ou Enemy. An enemy. Enemj-. To oversee, plan aud c:irry out, to frame. To devise meun.?. Chu To build a ruad. To coiisitract. To coiistrin;t niihvay. Sovereign rights. To acivocato, ia.sisteuce. Doctrine, theory, policy, opinion. Principal cante. Resolution, will, uiethod. To hold the authority. To press for iinproveiiient. Take notice, notice, pay atten- tion. To emphasize, accentuate, value-, give importance to, Ch'u Proton t at a meeting. To export. Products. t^priu^r from, qualification. To exchule, except. To dicfpense with, cut off. 'Tiie League of salvation fund.' To deposit funds for saviug CO cm try. The pnuishment of officials for errors in adiiiiiiistratioii. 究 究竞 "山: 酒 酒稅 救 救謅 '•• 教治 '、 就 就餐 '.. m •;• 舊金山 博!: 會 求 求 IS 球 卞球網 窮 窮苦 《((/. 窮人 捉 捉住 着 着手 酌 酌量 周 周到 "'li' ] "杀款 '"- 築 築路 t 築造 '•. t 築敏跻 '■• 主 T 主權 '-" t 主張 !'. 7 主人 1'. t 主 義". t 主因 "- 主意 '"- 主持 r. 著 著 力前進 注 f 注意 r. mm 出 Tih 席 '■• ; ffi 口 ',• 出產 出勇 V. n. 除 除弗 V. con. 除掉 •'• - 儲 i-ffi 金教國 '•• 處 . 虚分 形潁 理誼意 假 淸情愤 情情情 a 仇 仇仇仇 籌簿