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U ( o i Enl. of Subj. Pred. Obj. Verb and Noun making' verb i3 o Subj. Adv. Exten. of) Man. to Pred. j (1) Pred. Obj. I (2) P ed. j Obj. I (3) Pred. j Obj. Prep., gov. 心 Adj. of Qual., qual. 心

Coin. Noun, Obj. Case, gov, 

by 憑

Verb Pres., agr. - 

( whhNom. 大家 ( Com. Noun, Obj. { Case after ( " pan ', Prep., gov. 機關 in Obj. Case ? Abs. Nouu, Po^^s. Case i Adv. of Deg" mod. kao. i Superl. Atij. of Qual., qual. : ―

Abs. Noun, Oi^j. Ca-se, 二' ov. 

S by 在 N 濯 used as Adj., qiial. 人 Adj., formation sign Com, Noun, Nom. to 定 [ Adv. of Man. J mod. 定 Adv. of Man., mod. 定

Verb Pres" agr. with Noiu. 

' 辦 事的人

Al)H. Noun, Obj. Case, gov. 
by 定 

) Verl> Pres., agr. with Nom.

辦 事的人 

[ Verbal Nonn, Obj. Case, I srov. by 增加 [ Verb Pres., iigr. with Noni. [ 辦 事的人 [ Verb Infinitive - Com. Noun, Poss. Case. Sign of Poss. ' Com. Noun, Obj. of 保障 Illative Conjunction Pred. Obj. Pred. Obj, Final Phrases to a Speech 1 ( verb Pres., ajrr. with Nom.

"there is" or "we" under- 

( stood I Gerund foil., 希 3

Abs. Noun, Poss. Case 

Sign of Poss.

Abs. Noun, Obj. Case, gov. 

) 有 Conj, Adv. of Neg., mod. 資

Verb Flit" agr. with Nom. 

i "you "

Com. NouiJ, Nom. to 演 

1 說 [ Adv. of Time, mod. 演說

Verb Perf., agr. with Nom. 

S 兄弟 I Completing' understood Rel-

ative Phrase 所演說 

( Niimerative, Di.^t. Adj. > pointing out 苦心 Adj. of Quiil? qual. 心 i Com. Noun, Obj. Case, gov, ! by a Euphonic Terminal. Adj. of Qual., qual. 言 Com. Noun. Obj. Case, to 萍上

Verb Pres., agr. with Nom.

( " I ,' understood) Polite phrases in peroration =1 ruuat apologise - = Please excuse me. ( 01 一 SDH: P > 一? qng "lll^iH Jo 一; 3 (^;,! 有 IK 司 y 的希? 1- 就不 貴 ! g 弟今 天演說 的 一 番苦 心了 言 拜上有 難有雜 原該^