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This is a steamer 這個是輪船 Chayka shirt loon ch'wahn.
That is a sailing vessel 那個是𦩑板船 Nahka shirt cheeahpahn ch'wahn.
Is this a screw or a paddle steamer? 這個船是暗輪是明輪 Chayka ch'wahn shirt ahn-loon, shirt ming loon?
Steamers don't need sails 輪船不用打 Loon ch'wahn poo yoong tah p'ung.
Where is the steersman 舵工在那兒 Taw-koong pzi nar?
He's in the hold or down below 在艙裏頭 Dzi ts'ahng-leet'o.
How much coal do you burn in a day? 一天要燒多少煤 Yee t'e-enn show taw-show may?
We go 10 knots an hour 一點鐘走三十里 Yee t'e-enn joong dzo sahnshirt lee.
That's not very fast 不算狠快 Poo swahn hun k'wi.
The steamer's aground 輪船淺住了 Loon ch'wahn ch'e-enn-joola.
That doesn't matter 不要緊 Poo yow cheen.