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Like, to 喜歡, 愛 Shee-hwahn; i.
Lime TODO Hwey; pi hwey.
Little, a Show.
Little (not big) Sheeow.
Liver 肝兒 Kar.
Lock, to TODO Saw.
Long Ch'ahny.
Look, to TODO K'ahn; cheeow.
Looking-glass 鏡子 Chingdza.
Lucky TODO Yo dzow-hwah.


Mace TODO Ch'e-enn.
Madam 娘子, 大娘 Neeang-dza or Tah neeang; (for an official's wife) 太太 T'i-t'i
Make, to Dzaw.
Make haste! 快快 K'wi k'wi!
Man Ren.