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cacy, which are necessarily paraphrased. The obscurity which sometimes arises in the English text from a strictly literal rendering, has been obviated by explanatory notes, and by extracts from English and German metrical versions, in which the thoughts are expanded and freely expressed. The metrical extracts are mostly taken from Frere, Walsh, Carey, and Wheelwright, and from the excellent German versions of Voss and Droysen. The latter of these has afforded most valuable assistance throughout. That of Voss has been less available, being so absolutely literal as often to be more difficult than the Greek itself. Droysen, on the contrary, being expressed in easy idiomatic language, may be understood by any one who can read German at all. In conclusion, it only remains to observe, that three of the plays now offered to the public, the Lysistrata, Thesmophoriazusæ, and Ecclesiazusæ, have never before appeared in English prose.

W. J. H.

St. John's College.