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Unj. But I conquer you, who say that you are better than I.

Just. By doing what clever trick?

Unj. By discovering new contrivances.

Just. For these innovations flourish by the favour of these silly persons.[1]

Unj. No; but wise persons.

Just. I will destroy you miserably.

Unj. Tell me, by doing what?

Just. By speaking what is just.

Unj. But I will overturn them by contradicting them; for I deny that justice even exists at all.

Just. Do you deny that it exists?

Unj. For come, where is it?

Just. With the gods.

Unj. How then, if justice exists, has Jupiter not perished, who bound his own father?

Just. Bah! this profanity now is spreading![2] Give me a basin.

Unj. You are a dotard and absurd.

Just. You are debauched and shameless.

Unj. You have spoken roses of me.

Just. And a dirty lickspittle

Unj. You crown me with lilies.

Just. And a parricide.

Unj. You don't know that you are sprinkling me with gold.

Just. Certainly not so formerly, but with lead.[3]

Unj. But now this is an ornament to me.

Just. You are very impudent.[4]

Unj. And you are antiquated.

Just. And through you, no one of our youths is willing to

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