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July, 1910 SOME COLORADO NIGI:IT IIERON NOTES 117 two seen on the 11th, one nest containing five eggs and two containing three eggs each. _All three were very fine examples of nest bilding, similar in every way to the nests found the preceding week. A photo was taken of the nest and five eggs, which turned out to be the first of a very interesting series of pictures of this particular nest. Fig. 34. THE SAME NEST JUNE 8, 1907; THE YOUNG ABOUT TWO WEEKS OLD Fig. 35. THE SAME NEST JUNE 15, 1907; THE YOUNG ABOUT THREE WEEKS OLD Upon visiting the larger colony in the swamp, we were dismayed to find that some vandal (whether two-footed or four-footed we could not determine) had vis- ited the colony and partially destroyed it; fully half of the nests contained broken egg-shells, and many of the nests were entirely destroyed. On this visit we found two sets of six eggs each which were the