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Sept.,1910 DISCOVERY OF NEST AND EGGS OF GRAY-CROWNED LEUCOSTICTE 153 trampt over a steep snow-covered range to Phillips' Station where we arrived at half past one in the afternoon. Ve remained here until the 14th of June, when we returned to Bijou, from where Carriger on the 15th started back to San Francisco. After the departure of Carriger the weather, which is ever uncertain in these Fig. 47. FEATURE OF MOUNTAIN-CLIMBING ENCOUNTERED: SNOW-DRIFT TO BE TRAVERST; READING UP, HEINEMANN, DUTTKE, RAY altitudes, became decidedly uncertain for a return journey. Snow had now fallen

twice on the peak since we left, and rain on the lower range, while in the after- 

noon of June 15 a strong southwest wind began blov?,ing: a strong wind at Lake Tahoe merit a whistling gale on Pyramid. Mr. Oluf J. Heinemann, who was to