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No. 4--$100 List THE GUN THAT WENT TO AFRICA Above cut shows the finest ?n that went to Africa with the R?velt party, selected because the 1909 Ithaca lock is the simplest and only unbreakable l?k; it operates in 1-625 of a second, twice as fast as other l?ks. Warranted to out-sh?t any other make. Remember we make dainty little 20 gau? ?ns. Ca.log FREE. 18 grades, $17.75 net, to $3? list. IT?CA G? CO., ITHACA, N.Y. .?n? repeating shotguns are guns of perfect proportions, made in 12 and 16 gauges, with sirnpl?r mechanism than any other repeater. They have the ? solid top always between your head and the cartridE% the side ejector, and the closed-in breechbolt that keeps out rain. snow and sleet? dirt, leaves, twigs, and all other foreign matter. These fea- tures add greatly to the efficiency ofa ?un and to the comfort and convenience of the shooter. The Model 16, 16-gauge ? is the only light weight repeating shotgun made. It weighs but fix pounds, handles fast and shoots close and hard. It is unequalled for quail shootinK, for I?E ?I?HOF? squirrels, rabbits and ?-- all small game. --- ?.? Before buying a gun? / ?"?4? just get our 136-page catal?. Sent free? ?_?,? bit return rnall?for 3 stamps postage. 42 Willow Street, NEW HAVEN, CONN. ST.E i F you intend to Camp or go on a Va?- . tlon Trip, remember that the accurate and reliable STEVENS RIFLI?, PI?- TOI? AND ?OTGUNS are made in Styles ?d M?ls ?itable to ?ery r? ?uirement of the shooter. Our AND SHOTGUNS a?o ?s the"T? Do?" feasts, wbich means that the ?NS c? be c?ed i? a Trunk, Grip or 8mall Pack? ?e? n? sold by ?1 M?. we d? EXPR?S PREP?D, u?n ?el? of ? ? Pgce. [? ? 1? ?nd .r Lat- ? ?q ? est Ca?l?; a ?- -? ?d p?cfive shooters. ? ? P?ely 111ust? and ? 'Arm lnfo?a6on. Mailed ? will ? maaed to any YENS ARMS C?0pe? [?s? ?assa?us?s, U.S. A. When replylug to advtrtisements please meution THb' CONDOR