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Mar.,1917 ANNOTATED LIST OF THE BIRDS OF FREMONT COUNTY 39' 56. Agelaius phoeniceus fortis. Thick-billed Redwing. Two pairs seen in tall grass along the edge of a small pond near Small, June 23. Several large flocks seen in marshes along Camas Creek, August 26. 57. Sturnella neglecta. Western Meadowlark. Fairly common throughout the sage plains and vaileys. A few pairs were found.nesting among sage brush along the edge of a cultivated field near Highbridge, June 26. 58. Icterus bullocki. Bullock Oriole. Male and female seen in willow and birch thicket along Little Dry Creek Canyon, July 29. 59. Euphagus cyanocephalus. Brewer Blackbird. A number of pairs found nest- ing in willows, rose bushes, service-berry bushes and sage brush, along Little Dry Creek, near Spencer, June 11 to 20. Nests were mostly at low elevations, one being found on the ground near a small irrigation ditch. 60. Pinicola enucleator montana. Rocky Mountain Pine Grosbeak. One speci- men examined, in the collection at Lake Post Office. I was totd they occur as winter visitors in the mountains around the Lake. 61. Carpodacus cassini. Cassin Purple Finch. A pair observed feeding on the ground at Burnside ranch, near Spencer, June 18. Also seen in timber near the head- waters of the West Fork of Camas Creek, July 16. 62. Astragalinus tristis pallidu?. Western Goldfinch. Several pairs noted dur- ing July among the willows and in weed patches along Little Dry Creek, at the Burnside ranch. 63. Spinus pinus. Pine Siskin. A few seen in Douglas fir thickets near the head of Little Dry Creek Canyon, June 15. 64. Passer domesticus. English Sparrow. Fairly common in towns along the Oregon Short Line, where it was observed at Spencer and Dubois. Four pairs had taken up their residence on the Burnside ranch, three miles west from Spencer, where they were nesting in a cottonwood grove near the house. Two nests were large pendant af- fairs, about twenty feet up in the trees, woven of. horse hair, dry grasses and sheep wool, and lined with chicken feathers. Another nest was built on forking branches next to the trunk, eight feet 'from the ground. One pair decided to occupy a newty completed nest of a Cliff Swatlow under a gable of the house. A hair day of watchrut waiting a?d the swallows retired. The sparrows began carrying up straws, etc., for lining, but a few of their rude attempts at alighting on the rim of the frail structure brought it down. The same performgnce was repeated in another gable with the same results. 65. Pooecetes gramineus confinis. Western Vespex Sparrow. Fairly common on the sage covered plains. A nest with four eggs was found near Spencer, June 7, built at the base of a sage bush; another with five eggs near Highbridge, June 13, in a simi- lar situation. 66. Passerculus sandwichensis alaudinus. Western Savannah Sparrow. Occurs sparingly in meadows throughout the county. Noted at Camas Meadows, July 16, and near Spencer, August 1. 67. Zonotrichia leucophrys leucophrys. White-crowned Sparrow. Several pairs noted in June along Little Dry Creek. A nest with five eggs, including one of the Cow- bird, was found June 20, under a small bush near running water. 68. Spizella ?asserina arizonae. Western Chipping Sparrow. A pair seen in a Douglas fir thicket near the head of Little Dry Creek Canyon, June 11. Probably breed- ing. 69. Spizella breweri. Brewer Sparrow. The most common breeding bird of the sage brush. Earliest nesting date, June 16. Sets of three eggs most commonly found, though occasionally four are laid. 70. Junco hyemalis connectens? Intermediate Junco. Found commonly in lodge- pole pine thickets near the North Fork of the Snake River, north of Rea, on August 25. 71. Junco hyemalis mearnsi. Pink-sided Junco. Several pairs noted in Douglas fir thickets near the head of Little Dry Creek Canyon, June 18. A nest containing part- ly leathered young was found July 8, placed under the projecting ledge of a large rock. 72. Amphispiza nevadensis nevadensis. Sage Sparrow. Fairly common through- out the sage plains. A nest containing one egg, with two of the Cowbird, was found near Spencer, July 7, placed in a.low sage bush.