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Mar.,1917 ANNOTATED LIST OF THE BIRDS OF FREMONT COUNTY 41 75. Oreospiza chlorura. Green-tailed Towhee. Common on brushy hillsides, and often seen on open ridges. Two nests .were found near Spencer, June 23, composed of sage twigs and bark, lined with fine dry grass, and placed low in sage bushes. One, just completed, was in a small open draw, the other, containing three eggs, on a high ridge. The parent birds were very shy. 76. Zamelodia melanocephala. Black-headed Grosbeak. g)ccurs sparingly in thickets along streams. Several pairs, probably breeding, seen in Little Dry Creek Can- yon, June 18. 77. Passerina arnoena. Lazuli Bunting. One pair seen in a willow thicket along the creek in Little Dry Creek Canyon, June 18. Probably nesting. 78. Piran?la ludoviciana. Western Tanager. Occurs sparingly in groves of quaking aspen, and in Douglas fir thickets in the canyons. 79. Petrochelidon lunifrons lunifrons. Cliff Swallow. Common throughout the county, nesting under eaves and on faces of rock cliffs. They leave during the last week in August. 80. Hitundo erythrogaster. Barn Swallow. A nest was found, built on a rafter in a barn on the Burnside ranch, near Spencer. On August I it contained three young able to fly, and one infertile egg. 81. Tachycineta thalassina lopida. Northern Violet-green Swallow. Observed in small numbers in open portion of Little Dry Creek Canyon during June and July. 82. Riparia riparia. Bank Swallow. :A ginall colony was nesting in a high sand bank near the outlet of Henry Lake, August 17." 83. Bombycilla cedrorum. Cedar Waxwing. Several seen in thickets along Little Dry Creek the latter part of June. 84. I. anius ludovicianus excubitorides. White-rumped Shrike. A single bird seen August 16, perched on a fence post along the road, between Kilgore and Rea. 85. Vireosylva gilva swainsoni. Western Warbling Vireo. Fairly common in willow thickets and quaking aspen groves, along streams in the canyons. 86. I. anivireo solitarius cassini. Cassin Vireo. Common in willow thickets and quaking aspen groves. A nest with four fresh eggs was found July 6, in a small willow along Little Dry Creek. 87. Dendroica aestiva aestiva. Yellow Warbler. Common in thickets along streams. Two nests, each containing five eggs, found in rose bushes along Little Dry Creek, June 16. 88. Dendroica auduboni auduboni. Audubon Warbler. Common in Douglas fir thickets in the canyons. 89. Oporornis tolmiei. Tolmie Warbler. Occurs sparingly in willow thickets along streams. Parent birds with young were seen in willows along the West Fork of Camas Creek, July 16. 90. Icteria virens IonGicauda. Long-tailed Chat. Several seen in willows along Little Dry Creek on the Burnside ranch, near Spencer, July 15. 91. Cinclus mexicanus unicolor. Dipper. Female with three young able to fly, seen on logs crossing the West Fork o.f Camas Creek, July 16. 92. Oreoscoptes montanus. Sage Thrasher. Common throughout the sage cov- ered plains, and also seen on low ridges. A nest with four eggs, placed in a sage bush on a low ridge, was found near Spencer, June 19. 93. Dumetella carolinensis. Catbird. Several pairs noted nesting in willow thickets along Little Dry Creek during the last week in June. 94. Salpinctes obsoletus obsoletus. Rock Wren. Several seen, on July 31, among large boulders along the ridges in Little Dry Creek Ca?yon. 95. TroGIodytes aedon parkmani. Western House Wren. A pair was found nesting in an old building on the Burnside ranch, June 15. A nest containing young was found in a hole in a fence post, near the old buildings at Woods Reservoir, in the West Fork of Camas Creek, July 16. 96. Penthestes atricapillus septentri?nalis. Long-tailed Chickadee. Fairly com- mon in willow thickets and quaking aspen groves, where numerous nesting cavities were found in dead stubs. 97. Penthestes Gambeli Gambeli. Mountain Chickadee. Common in Douglas fir timber on high ridges and canyon sides.