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66 THE CONDOR Vol. XIX gestion of pale eggs of the crows. In the accompanying photograph (fig. 24) ,n normal Coot's egg is shown along with the one just described. Careful scrutiny will serve to bring out some of the oddities that have been mentioned. The dif- ference in size and shape between the two is normal and within the range of in- dividual variation. As for the cause of this abnormality, it may be attributed to continued excitement and fear and their reactions through the nervous system upon the ordinary fimctions of the oviduct. Washington, D.C., January 22, 1917. Fig. 24. NOaMAL EI]I] OF Coot AT LEFT; AI)lgOI)MALLY MARKEl) SPEI.MEN AT RII]HT. 37atural ?ize. NAMES OF WRITERS ON CALIFORNIA BIRDS By T. S. PALMER N THE BIBLIOGRAPHY of California Ornithology', published in 1909. Joseph Grinnell has brought together nearly 1.800 titles of publications on the birds of California and has -indexed them under authors, local lists, and species, so as to facilitate ready reference to each paper or note. This Biblio- graphy compares favorably in accuracy and completeness with any ever pub- lished in this country. The Index to Authors includes the names of about 350 individuals. More than two thirds of these names are complete, but in 107 cases it was found im- practicable to give the names in full. It seems highly desirable to complete these names while it is still possible to obtain the necessary data, in order that 'Pacific Coast Avifauna, No. 5, pp. 1-106.