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34 THE CONDOR Vol. XIX 27. Accipiter cooperi. Cooper Hawk. Occurs sparingly throughout the county. One was seen near Spencer, July 18, and one near Small, August 11. 28. Buteo borealis calurus. Western Red-tail.- One pair observed in Little Dry Creek Canyon, June 19. Probably nesting: 29. Buteo swainsoni. Swainson Hawk. Fairly common throughout the county. Seen most frequently along low foothills and over sage plains, early in the morning and late in afternoon, in search of small rodents. On the first of August I found two dead weasels near the edge of a cultivated field on the Burnside Ranch, near Spencer. I had often seen Swainson Hawks circling low over the fields, and concluded that the weasels were killed by the hawks by mistake, as they probably would not be desirable as food. Fig. 12. NEST AND EGGS OF MOUNTAIN SOh-G SPARROW, II? ROSE BUSH. 30. Aquila chrysai?tos. Golden Eagle. Occurs sparingly in the high mountains along the Continental Divide. Several mounted specimens examined in a collection at Lake Post Office. 31. Faico aparverius phaiaena. Desert Sparrow Hawk. Fairly common through- out the county. A pair observed nesting near the top of a dead snag in Little Dry Creek Canyon, June 19, another pair in a cavity near the top of a cottonwood in Beaver Creek Canyon, June 26. 32. Pandion haiiai?tua caroiinensis. Osprey. Occurs sparingly along the No?rth Fork of the Snake River, and about Henry Lake. One see? at Henry Lake on August 25. 33. Asio wilsonianus. Long-eared Owl. An adult bird was ?lushed from under a