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34 THE CONDOR Voi?. VI gotten quite used to the camera. I had the instrument leveled point blank at the nest only a yard distant. A gray figure came flitting over the tree top and plfinted himself on the limb right beside the home. He carried a green cut-worm in his mouth. No sooner had he squatted on his accustomed perch than he caught sight of the cyclops. With an astonished chirp, he dropped his worm, threw a back somerset, and all I saw was a meteor-like streak of gray curving up over the point- ed firs. I doubt if he felt any degree of safety till he got across the Willamette, MALE YELLOW-THROAT AND YOUNG for he didn't get up courage enough to even enquire about the children the rest of that day. I didn't think his lordship figured in home affairs at all, but I must have been mistaken. The next day the mother again tried to lure me from the nest. Just as she was putting on a few extra agonizing touches, I saw a glint of gray. The father pounced upon his feigning spouse. I never witnessed such a case of wife beating. I'm not an expert on bird ethics but such a performance would be some-