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Jan., t9o6 1 THE GOLDEN EAGLE fully a month, during which they grew from the egg to tile size and weight of a large hen. The first week in May, black pin-feathersbegan to push up thru the do?vn, first appearing on the wings and back. Week after week the stiff black feathers grew, but they came slowly, covering the back, tyings, head and neck, until, by the first week in June, the eaglets were fairly well clothed, except a THE TWINS AT THE AGE OF 55 DAYS ?)?y? ighted by Finle F and l?oldman small white shirt-front. But tile wings and feet were still weak. It required over three ?veeks longer for the wing feathers to gain strength and for the feet to grow powerful enough for the birds to handle their heavy bodies. So where the finch required foor weeks to rear a family, it took the eagle a good four months. Porlland Oregon.