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[ACT 34 of 1991] Consumer Protection (Amendment)


District Forum or, as the case may be, of the State Commission, as the State Government may appoint for the purpose."

4. After section 29 of the principal Act, the following section shall be Insertion of new section 29A. inserted, namely;—

"29A No act or proceeding of the District Forum, the State Commission Vacancies or defects in appointment not to invalidate orders. or the National Commission shall be invalid by reason only of the existence of any vacancy amongst its members or any defect in the constitution thereof."

5. Notwithstanding anything contained in any law or any judgment, Validation of certain orders, etc. decree or order of any court, tribunal or other authority, any order made by the District Forum or the State Commission under the principal Act, which would have been validly made if the amendments made to the principal Act by this Act were in force on the date of such order, shall be deemed to have been validly made as if the amendments made to the principal Act by this Act were in force at all material times when such order was made.

Ord. 6 of 1991. 6. (1) The Consumer Protection (Amendment) Ordinance, 1991 is Repeal and saving. hereby repealed.

(2) Notwithstanding such repeal, anything done or any action taken under the principal Act, as amended by the said Ordinance, shall be deemed to have been done or taken under the principal Act as amended by this Act.