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others in being sessile, and its cirrhus never bearing an urn at its extremity. The pedicels are one-flowered. Male Flowers: Calyx deeply four-parted, tomentose on the outer surface, smooth, red, and punctate on the inner; segments oblong, obtuse, reflexed. Corolla none. The staminous column is central, thick, erect, red. Anthers numerous, yellow, contorted into a round terminal head. Female flowers: Calyx as in the male. Ovary superior, oblong, four-sided, erect. Style none. Stigma sessile, peltate, four-lobed. Capsule oblong, somewhat curved, four-angled, deeply furrowed at the sides, four-celled, four-valved; the valves septiferous in the middle, many-seeded. Seeds oblong, linear, membranaceous, and acute at both ends; arranged longitudinally, and affixed by the base to the partitions.–Wm. Jack.

Fig. 1. Male flower. 2. fruit:–natural size.