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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Sisters living- Ida Caroline : m. 1891, Col. Robert Henry Curzon Drury-Lowe, formerly Grenadier Guards. Hilda: m. 1884, J. E. Kynaston Studd, Esq., and has issue living, Eric, b. 1887; Ronald Granville, b. 1889, Lionel Fairfax, b, 1891, a son, b. 1892. Residence, 2, Cavendish Place, Cavendish Square, W. Constance : m. 1889, William Douglas Robinson-Douglas, Esq. Residence, Orchardston, Castle Douglas, N.B. Maude: m. 1889, the Rev. William Thomas Baring Hayter, and has issue living, Dorothea, b. 1891, Mary Ethel, b. 1892. Residence, Hints Vicarage, Tamworth. Aunts living (daughters of 3rd Baronet) Harriet Elizabeth : in. 1840, Prideaux Selby, Esq., who d. 1872, and has issue living, Beauchamp Prideaux (of Pawston, Cornhill-on-Tweed, N.B.), b. 1841 ; ed. at Harrow, and at St. John's Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1865); Bar. Inner Temple 1868 ; is a J.P. for Northumberland : /. 1881, Fanny, youngest da. of the late Joseph Pocklington Senhouse, Esq., of Netherhall. Cumberland, and has issue living, Beauchamp Henry b. 1882, Prideaux Joseph b, 1885, Prideaux George (of Shotton, Yetholm, Kelso, N.B.), b. 1844: in. 1887, Amy Harriet, da. of Harry Spencer Waddington, Esq. (infra), and has issue living, Henry Prideaux b. 1890, Gerard Lancelot b. 1892, Oliver (of Oakfield, Benwell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne), b. 1850: m. 1875, Victoria Cordelia, da. of A. de Lisle, Esq., of Montreal, and has issue living, Alexander Prideaux b. 1877, Reginald b. 1878, Arthur Beauchamp b. 1883, Margaret Beatrice b. 1887, Edith: m. 1872, H. A. Campbell, Esq., of 44, Via Gina Capprice, Florence, Italy, and has issue living, Noel 6. 1878, Madeline b, 1873, Dorothy^. 1886, Maud, Evelyn, Gertrude, Beatrice: m. 1884, Richard Durnford, Esq. [see Bp. Chichester], and has issue living, Richard Selby b. 1885, Hugh G. E. b. 1886, John Walter b. 1891, Violet Mary b. 1890. Caroline : in. 1852, Harry Spencer Waddington, Esq., and has issue living, Spencer Beauchamp, b. 1854,- Harry Milnes, />. 1858, Gerald Rodes, b. 1859: m. 1890, Deborah, da. of Edwin Jago, Esq., formerly Ch. Paymaster R.N., Rachel Caroline, Ethel Mary : m. 1888, the Rev. Beilby Porteus Oakes, R. of Hawkedon, Bury St. Edmunds, and has issue living, Montague Waddington b. . 1889, Nigel Beilby b. 1890, Amy Harriet : in. 1887, Prideaux George Selby, Esq. (ante), Gertrude Maud : m. 1884, Capt. Charles Anthony Clare Deane, ist Batn. Suffolk *Regt., of Webbery Manor, Bideford, Devon, and Bentley Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk, Eva Marion : in. 1887, Lieut.-Col. Owen Williams, ist Batn. Suffolk Regt., and has issue living, Dorothy b. 1889, Dora May. Residence, Cavenham Hall, Mildenhall. Jane Frances : m. 1854, the Rev. Henry Alfred Barrett, R. of Chedgrave, and a Rural Dean, and has issue living, Lennard, b. 1856 ; is Capt. R.A., and Inspector of Warlike Stores, Bermudas: m. 1881, Mary Anne, da. of Lieut.-Col. Charles Robert Hobart [see E. Buckingham- shire, colls.], formerly of Madras Army, Dacre Lennard, b. 1858; is Capt. R. M.L.I. : m. 1884, Maud, da. of Henry C. Hast, Esq., and has issue living, a da. b. 1887, a da. b. 1889, Henry Wilson, b. 1864, Sidney Lennard, b. 1868 ; ed. at Wellington Coll., and at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, Frances Anne : m. 1881, the Rev. Arthur Wace, R. of Haddiscoe, near Norwich, and has issue living, Gerald Arthur b. 1882, Montague b. 1884, Maud Frances. Residence, Chedgrave Rectory, Loddon, Norfolk. "Widow living Of 4th Baronet CAROLINE ESTHER (Hon. Lady Proctor-BeaucJiamp 2nd da. of Adm. the 2nd Baron Radstock : m. 1852, Sir Thomas William Brograve Proctor-Beauchamp, 4th baronet, who d. 1874. Residence, 3, Cromwell Road, S.W. Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Rev. William Henry Beauchamp, 2nd son of 3rd baronet, /'. 1818, d. 1853 : in. 1845, Augusta, da. of Dr. Arnold, of Stamford : .Edward Beauchamp, b. 1849: in. ist, 1875, Frances Mary, who d. 1886, da. of His Honour Judge Stephen. LL.D., of Newport House, Lincoln ; 2ndly, 1890, Betty Campbell, da of the late Archibald Woods, Esq., of Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., and has issue living (by ist marriage), Esme Frances Nevill Augusta, b. 1876, {by 2nd marriage), Edward Archibald, b. 1891. Residence, 82, Gloucester Place, Portman Square, W. Rev. Henry Woodrooffe, b. 1851 ; ed. at Camb. Univ. (M.A. 1878); is V. of Bentley : in. 1876, Katherine Mary, da. of the Rev. Charles Snell [see Dashwood, Bart., of Kirtlington, colls.], and has issue living, Ronald Charles William, b. 1877, Maurice Henry, b. 1886, Sybil Katherine, b. 1889. Residence, Bentley Vicarage, Ipswich. Alice Anne : in. 1882, Robert Fisher, Esq., Barrister-at-law, Commr. at Kyrenia, and has issue living, Edward Victor Beauchamp, b. 1887. Residence, Kyrenia, Cyprus. Issue of the late Robert Beauchamp, Esq., 3rd son of 3rd baronet, b. 1819, d. 1889 : in. 1854, Elizabeth Beatrice (now of Langley, Tasmania), da. of the late Henry Symons, Esq., M.D., of St. Germans, Cornwall : "William Penn, b. 1857. George Fox, b, 1859. Walter Mannering, b. 1861. Robert Ephraim, b. 1865. Cecil Brograve, .1867. Frank Skipwith, b. 1871. Reginald Percy, b. 1873. Leila Merino: m. 1881, Frank Swifte, Esq., who d. 1884. Laura Gertrude. Residence, Issue of the late George Edward Beauchamp, Esq., 2nd son of 2nd baronet, b. 1785, d. 1868 : m. ist, 1808, Louisa Ellen, da. of Robert Halhed, Esq. ; andly. 1855, Elizabeth (now of The Uplands, Sandhurst, Berks), da. of Frederic Chapman, Esq.. of Mavis Enderby, Lincolnshire : George Thomas, b. 1812 ;>served in Madras C.S. 1830-62 : in. 1833, Hester Maria Fredericka, da. of Thomas Daniel, Esq., M.C.S., of Hanningfield, Essex, and has issue living, George Edward Henry (of Hurst Lodge, Twyford, Berks), b. 1834; is Maj.-Gen. Indian Army: t. 1866. Emily- Charlotte, da. of Henry Wood, Esq., M.C.S., and has issue living, Louisa Mary Catherine, Alice Kaye, Bertha Josephine, Ruth, Halhed Scott, b. 1849: . 1872, Florence, da. of the Rev. James Richard Rumsey, of Shanklin, Isle of Wight, and has issue living, George James Douglas b: 1879, Florence Anne Frederica, Lilian Lucy Stephenson Mercy Mary Beatrice, Mary Ellen, Emma Bruce, Anna Maria. Residence, Park End, Guildford. Rev. Robert William, b. 1813 ; ed. at Camb. Univ. (B. A., 18 , M.A., 18 ) ; is R. of Wickmere : in. 1839, Alicia, da. of Capt. Pearson. Residence, Wickmere Rectory, Hanworth, Norfolk. Henry Champion, b. 1827 ; admitted a Solicitor 1851 : in. 1857, Maria Louisa, who d. 1875, da. of Thomas Carter, Esq., and has issue living, James Lloyd Hobart, b. 1862. Chambers, 37, Walbrook, E.G. Georgiana : m. ist, 1840, Edward Lloyd Edwards, Esq., who d. 1861, of Cerrig Llwydion, Denbighshire ; 2ndly, 1865, Capt. William Hastings Martin-Atkins, who d. 1881, and has issue living (by ist marriage), Louisa Janette Anne : m. 1863, Richard Meredyth Richards, Esq., who d. 1873, f Caerynwch, Merioneth. Residence, Farley Castle, Swallowfield, Reading.