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DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Sisters living Caroline Sarah. Louisa Charlotte Emily: m. 1866, Capt. Theodosius Stuart Russell, Ch. Constable of W. Riding of York, and has issue living, Edmund Stuart Eardley Wilmot, b. 1869 ; is Lieut. R.A., Charles Lennox Somerville, b. 1872, Wilmot Peregrine Maitland, b. 1874, -Archibald George Blomefield, b. 1879, Somerville Peregrine Brownlow, b. 1883, Georgina Louisa Margaret, Margaret Caroline Sarah. Residence, Wakeneld.-^ Georgina Salome : m. 1870, Loftus Henry Martin, Esq., formerly 6gth Regt., and has issue living. Loftus Wilmot, b. 1871, Frank Henry Eardley, b. 1872. Residence, Scarborough. Half-Sisters living Laura Elizabeth : m. 1882, the Rev. Alfred Ernest Jalland, and has issue living, Ernest Henry, b. 1883, Ethel Mary, Dorothy Margaret. Residence, Woolley Vicarage, Wake- field. Margaret Edith. Uncles living (sons of 2nd Baronet) Rev. Samuel Edward, b. 1823; ed. at Christ's Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1846) ; is R. of Burnham Sutton, and V. of Overy, King's Lynn : m. 1850, Jean Abigail, da. cf the late John Macwhirter, Esq., M.D., and has issue living, Edward Hugh (of Calais), />. 1852: m. 1888, Lilian Emily, da. of the Rev. Henry Augustus Marsh, formerly V. of Tuxford, Newark, Notts, Georgina Elizabeth : m. 1885, the Rev. James Henry Lamb, R. of Burnham Westgate, Lynn, Alicia Jean, Frances Harriet Eardley. Residence, Burnham Sutton Rectory, Lynn. RCT.'. John, b. 1824 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B A., Sen. Op. and 3rd class Classics, 1847, M.A. 1850) ; is R. of Pleasley : m. 1850, Sophia Elizabeth, da. of the late Rev. John D'Arcy Jervis Preston, of Askham Bryan, York, and has issue living, Eardley Wilmot (of St. Ives, Cornwall), b. 1855, Lawrence Woodyeare, b. 1870 ; ed. at Charterhouse ; is Lieut. 3rd Batn. King's Own (Yorkshire L.I.), Sophia Mary, Emily Louisa, Margaret Ellen, Annie Hamilla. Residence, Pleasley Rectory, near Mansfield. Re?>. Charles David, b. 1836; ed. at Caius Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1858, Jun Op.); is British Chaplain at Munich : ;. 1870, Marguerite, da. of Mons. Henri Meyer, of Bale, and has issue living, Charles Allan, b. 1871, Henry Arthur Gilbert, b. 1876. Residence, 32, Tiirkenstrasse, Munich. Aunt living (daughter of 2nd Baronet) Salome : m. 1850, the Rev. Reginald Guy Bryan, Principal of Monckton Combe School, and has issue living, Thomas William Guy, b. 1862 ; is Capt. R. A., Wilmot Eardley, b. 1863 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1886, Senior Op.), Selina Hen- rietta Salome, Agneta Jane : m. 1880, the Rev. William George Peel, Missionary of Ch. Missionary So., Bombay, Emma Frederica, Philippa Elizabeth Wilmot, Helen Gertrude: m. 1880, Charles Howard, Esq., M.A., Master of Monkton Combe Junion School, Bath, Edith Mary Marow : m. 1888, the Rev. Alfred Howard, R. of Harford, near Ivybridge, Devon. Reside/ice, Monkton Combe, near Bath. WidOW living Of 3rd Baronet- FANNY (Lady Blomefield), da. of the late Rev. John D'Arcy Jervis Preston, of Askham Brj'an Hall, York : ;. 1853, the Rev. Sir Thomas Eardley Wilmot Blomefield, 3rd baronet, who d. 1878. Residence, St. John's, Wakefield. Collateral Branch living. Issue of the late Rev. Robert Allan Blomefield, 3rd son of 2nd baronet, b. 1826, d. 1877: m. 1851, Georgiana (now of 27, Southernhay, Exeter), da. of George Pinchin, Esq.. of Halt House, Wilts : Rev. George Pinchin Allan, b. 1854; ed. at Malvern Coll., and at St. Catherine's Coll., Camb. (B.A. Sen. Op. 1879, M.A. 1884) ; is V. of Abbots-Bickington : m. 1879, Madeline Amelia, da. of the late Rev. Alfred Bligh Hill, V. of St. Paul's, Tiverton. Residence, The Vicarage, Abbots-Bick- ington, Brandis Corner, Devon. The ist baronet, Major-Gen. Sir Thomas, commanded the Artillery in the expedition to Copen- hagen, 1807. LYNCH-BLOSSE, Creation 1622, of Castle Carra, Mayo. Sir ROBERT LYNCH-BLOSSE, loth Baronet; b. Feb. I5th, 1825; s. his father, the Rev. Sir FRANCIS, 1840; ed. at Rugby; is a J.P. for co. Mayo (High Sheriff 1847) : m. 1853, Lady Harriet Browne, da. of 2nd Marquess of Sligo, and has issue. Drills Quarterly: ist and 4th, nTure a chevron between three trefoils slipped or ; 2nd and 3rd quarterly, ist and 4th, parted per chevron or and azure, a crescent counterchanged ; 2nd and 3rd, gules, three griffins passant in pale. Crist A lynx passant argent. Seat Athavallie, Balla, co. Mayo. Clubs Brooks's, Kildare Street, St. George's Yacht. Sons living HENRY, b. April 2ist, 1857: ed. at Eton. Robert, b. 1861 ; is Capt. King's Own Scottish Borderers, and Adj. of its pnd Vol. Nee temere, nee timide. J"" *& LT * " ^ ^ C "-' * Neither rashly nor Daughters living-Harriet : m. 1883, Henry A. Robinson, Esq. [see V. Valentia]. Mary (Hon. Mrs. Robert N. Hardinge): t. 1892, the Hon. Robert Nicholas Hardinge [see V. Hardinge]. Residence, Sister living Katherine. Residence, Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Very Rev. Henry Lynch-Blosse, Dean of Llandaff, 2nd son of 8th baronet, b. 1813, d. 1879 : m. 1844, Charlotte Frances, who d. 1892, da. of the late Rev. Robert Knight, of Tythegston Court : Rev. Robert Charles, b. 1848; is Curate of Stmchcombe : m. 1881, Mary Carwardine, da. of the Rev. George Alfred Walker, V. of Chidham, near Chichester, and has issue living, Robert Cyril, b. 1887, Ethel Margaret, b. 1885. Residence, Stinchcombe Vicarage, Dursley. Harry Francis, b. 1852 ; admitted a Solicitor 1874. Residence, Conway Road, Cardiff. Edward Falconer, b. 1853 ; is Capt. Severn Div. Submarine Miners, R.E. : m. 1883, Edith Caroline, da. of the Rev. George Alfred Walker " (ante), and has issue living, Henry, b. 1884, Edward Knight, b. 1886, Hely Richard, b. 1887, Cecil Eagles, b. 1890, Constance Diana, b. 1889. Residence, Glanavon, Peterston- super-Ely,