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DEBRETTS ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. This baronet is descended in an unbroken line from Etienne Boileau, Baron de Caste'.nau and St. Croix (Province of Languedoc), who, in 1250, on the departure of Louis IX. for the Holy Land, was appointed, during his absence, Governor of Paris, and ist Grand Provost of France. He drew the first Municipal Code, which is still used. His descendant, Charles Boileau, Baron of Castelnau and St. Croix, fled to England at the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Descendants of the same family own the original French property. BONHAM, Creation 1852. Sir GEORGE FRANCIS BONHAM, 2nd Baronet ; b. Aug. 28th, 1847 5 s - his father, Sir SAMUEL GEORGE, K.C.B., 1863; ed. at Eton, and at Exeter Coll., Oxford (H. A., 1868, M. A. 1871); entered Diplo. Ser. 1869; is Sec. of Legation at The Hague, and a J.P. for Surrey : m. 1871, Louisa, da. of the Rt. Hon. Sir Andrew Buchanan, ist Baronet, and has issue. Drills Sable, a chevron nebulee between three crosses-patee ritchee argent ; on a canton of the last a squirrel sejant gules. Crest A mermaid holding in the dexter hand a wreath of coral and in the sinister a mirror proper. Seat Knowle Park, Cranleigh, Surrey. Residence British Legation, The Hague. Clubs Travellers', Junior Carlton, St. James's. Esse quam videri. Sons living GEORGE LIONEL, b. Aug. 6th, 1873 ; is Lieut. 2nd. To be ratlter than to seem Batn. Grenadier Guards. Clubs, Bachelors', Guards'. Eric Henry, b. f a fa. 1875. Cecil Maurice, b. 1887. Daughters living Edith Florence. Lilian Frances. Evelyn Mary, b. 1885. The ist baronet was Gov. of Straits Settlements, 1837-47, and Gov. and Com. -in-Ch. at Hong Kong, and Ch. Superintendent of British Trade in China 1847-53. BOOTH, Creation 1835, of Portland Place, Middlesex. Sir CHARLES BOOTH. 3rd Baronet; b. 1812; s. his brother, Sir WILLIAMSON, 1877 ; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford; was High Sheriff of Herts 1867; is a D.L. for London. ^rms Argent, on a chevron azure between three boars' heads couped and erect sable an estoile of the field. Crtst A lion passant argent gorged with a bar gemelle and holding in the dexter paw a chaplet of laurel vert. Seat Netherfield Park, Ware. Clubs Windham, City of London. Collateral Branch living. Issue of the late Henry William Booth, Esq., 3rd son of William Booth, Esq., father of the 2nd and 3rd Baronets, b. 1815, d. 1883 : m. 1837, Augusta Hope, who d. 1867, da. of Major Ellis (i7th Lancers): Mary Georgina : m. 1885, Henry Ellison Acklom, Esq. Alice Elizabeth : m. ist, 1865, Morgan Vane, Esq. (then A.-/._to Barony o Barnard), _who Deus adjuvat nos. God helps us. d. 1877, without issue: 2ndly, 1879, Harry Farquhar de Paravicini, Esq. Residence, Heathfield, Bracknell. Frances Agnes : m. 1865, Major John Marsland, formerly of 3rd Batn. Roy. Warwickshire Regt., a J.P. for Warwickshire. Residence, Huntley Lodge, Milverton, near Leamington. Florence : m. 1878, Henry Lawrence Prior, Esq., Barrister-at-law [see Young, Bart., cr. 1769], Residence, The Priory, Datchet. Amy Laura: tn. 1878, Lieut.-Col. Godfrey Fox Webster, formerly Capt. 2oth Regt. Residence, Bramley Grange, Guildford. Felix Booth, Esq. , having contributed considerable pecuniary aid to the Polar expeditions, was created a Baronet with remainder to the issue male of his elder brother William. GORE-BOOTH, Creation 1760, of Lissadell, Sligo. Sir HENRY WILLIAM GORE-BOOTH, 5th Baronet ; b. July 1843 ; s. his father, Sir ROBERT, 1876; ed. at Eton ; is a J.P. and a D.L. for co. Sligo (High Sheriff 1872) : m. 1867, Georgina Mary, da. of the late Lieut.-Col. Charles John Hill, of Tickhill Castle, York, and has issue. igutron of One gibing Trinity R., Salford, Manchester. rms Quarterly of six : ist quarterly, ist and 4th, argent three boars heads couped and erect sable ; 2nd and 3rd, gules, a fesse between three cross-crosslets or ; 2nd, argent, on a fesse sable three bezants ; 3rd, argent a lion's head erased between three crescents gules ; 4th, gules three cinque- foils argent ; 5th, gules on a bend or, three martlets ; 6th, cheeky azure and argent a fesse gules. &rtst ist, a lion passant, Booth ; 2nd, a wolf rampant, Gore. $?lott0S ofatr <#irst Crtst "Quod erp spero" (/ hope for what 1 shall be) ; ofacr _Son6 Crtst " In hoc signo vinces" (Under this sign than shalt conquer). Seats Lissadell, Sligo ; Earlsfield, co. Sligo. Clubs Windham, St. George's (Kingstown). Sons living -JOSSLYN AUGUSTUS RICHARD, b. Feb. 2 6th, 1869: formerly Lieut. 5 th Batn. Roy. Munster Fusiliers. Mordaunt, b. 1878. Genti asquus utrique. Just to either line.