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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 91 Seat Warlies, Waltham Abbey. Tcnun Residence 14, Grosvenor Crescent, S.W. Clubs Brooks's, New University, Devonshire. Sons living THOMAS FOWELL VICTOR, b. April 8th, 1865 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. : in. 1888, Anne Louisa Matilda, da. of the Rev. Henry Thomas O'Rorke, R. of Feltwell, Norfolk, and has issue living, Thomas Fowell, b. 1889, Roden Henry Victor, b. 1890, Clarence Edward Victor, b. 1892. Residence, Woodredon, Waltham Abbey. Club, Brooks's. Noel Edward, b. 1869; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. Charles Roden, b. 1875. Harold Jocelyn, . 1880. Leland William Wilberforce, b. 1884. Daughters living Edith Frances (Hon. Mrs. Walter G. Hepburne-Scotf) : m. 1888, the Hon. Walter George Hepburne-Scott (Master of Polwarth), el. son of 6th Baron Polwarth. Residence, Humbie House, Upper Keith, E. Lothian. Mary Catherine: in. 1889, the Rev. Stewart Gordon Ponsonby, V. of St. Sepulchre's, and Chaplain Trin. Coll., Cambridge, and has issue living, Noel Edward, b. 1891, Arthur Gordon, b. 1892. Residence, St. Mary's Gate, Cambridge. Constance Victoria. Victoria Alexandrina. Mabel Frances Evelyn Brothers living Samuel Gurney, b. 1838 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; is a J.P. and a D. L. for Norfolk (High Sheriff 1891) and Norwich, and a partner in banking firm of Gurney, Birkbecks, Barclay, and Buxton, of Norwich : in. ist, 1861, Louisa Caroline, who d. 1879, da. of the late John Gurney Hoare, Esq., of Hampstead ; 2ndly, 1886, Mary Ann, da. of Henry Birkbeck, Esq. , of Stoke Holy Cross, Norwich, and has issue living (by ist marriage), Edward Gurney, b. 1865, Harry Gurney, i. 1871, Lionel Gurney, b. 1876, Margaret Caroline : in. 1888, Richard Gurney Hoare, Esq., and has issue living, Mabel b. 1890, Anna Mildred : m. 1889, Capt. William Douglas Whatman, 2oth Hussars, Isabel Louisa, Victoria Catherine Audrey, Carolyn Gurney, (by 2nd marriage), Richard Gurney, b. 1887, Minna Alice. Residence, Catton Hall, Norwich. Club, Oxford and Cambridge. Edward North, b. 1840 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; is a J.P., a D.L., and a County Alderman for Essex, and a Director of metropolitan brewing firm of Truman, Hanbury, and Co. ; was Chm. of London School Board 1881-85 ; unsuccessfully contested S. Essex 1880 ; sat as M.P. for -S.W., or Walthamstow, Div. of Essex (L) 1885-6, when he was defeated for N.W., or Stowmarket, Div. of Suffolk : in. 1862, Emily, da. of the late Rev. the Hon. Kenelm Henry Digby [see B. Digby, colls.], and has issue living, Gerald, b. 1862 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. : in. 1890, Lucy Ethel, da. of Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, M.P., ist Bart., and has issue living, a da. b. 1851, Anthony, b. 1881, Geraldine : in. 1888, Francis Dent, Esq., Bar.-at-Law, of 2. Plowden Buildings, Temple, E.C., and has issue living, Geoffrey b. 1891. Constance b. 1890, Ella, Hannah Maud, Clare Emily, Theresa. Residence, Knighton, Buckhurst Hill. Clubs, New University, Athenaeum, City Liberal. Henry Edmund, b. 1844; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (M.A. 1869); is a J.P. for Norfolk, Suffolk, and Yarmouth, Vice-Chm. of Eastern Div. of Suffolk County Council, a partner in banking firm of Gurneys and Co., of Yarmouth, and Hon. Col. and Vol. Batn. Norfolk Regt. : ;. 1867, Mary Rosalind, da. of the Rev. Abbot Upcher, of Kirby Cane, Norfolk, and has issue living, Abbot Redmond, b. 1868, Ronald Henry, b. 1874, Edward Hugh, b. 1880, Knyvet Upcher, b. 1882, Winifred, Violet, Rosalind Upcher. Residence. Fritton, Great Yarmouth. Charles Louis, b. 1846; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1868); formerly Lieut. Norfolk Artillery Militia: is a J.P. and a County Councillor (Buxton Div.) for Norfolk: in. 1873, Maria, da. of the Rev. Henry James Lee Warner, of Thorpland Hall, Norfolk, and has issue living, Walter Louis, b. 1875, Norah Louis, Amy Louis, Melicent Louis. Residence, Bolwick Hall, Marsham, near Aylsham. Francis William, b. 1847; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (M.A. 1872) ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1873 ; is a partner in metropolitan banking firm of Prescott and Co. ; sat as M.P. for Andover (/,) 1880-5, when he unsuccessfully contested W., or Andover, Div. of Hants : m. 1872, the Hon. Mary Emma, da. of ist Baron Lawrence, and has issue living, John Lawrence, b. 1877, Hujjh Forster, b. 1882, Robert Vere, b. 1883, Ruth, Madeline, Hilda, Frances Mary, Cecil. Residence, 42, Grosvenor Gardens, S.W. Clubs, Brooks's, Athenaeum, City Liberal. Sisters living Anna Cecilia. Catherine Elizabeth. Laura Priscilla : in. 1873, Henry Francis Pelham, Esq. [see E. Chichester]. Residence, 20, Bradmore Road, Oxford. Sarah Evelyn : in. 1881, Richard Hanbury Joseph Gurney, Esq., and has issue Hying, Quinton, b. 1883, Christopher, b. 1885, Rachel, b. 1887, Richenda, b. 1889, Gladys Catherine, b. 1892. Residence, Northrepps Hall, Norfolk. Uncle living (son of ist Baronet) Thomas Fowell, b. 1821 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; is a J.P. for Herts (High Sheriff 1878) ; formerly a partner in metropolitan brewing firm of Truman, Hanbury, and Co. : m. 1845, Rachel Jane, da. of the late Samuel Gurney, Esq. , of Upton, Essex, and has issue living, John Henry (of Hunsdon Bury, Ware, Clubs, New University, City Liberal), b. 1849 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. : in. 1874, Emma Maria, da. of the late Capt. Richard Wilson Pelly, R.N. [see Pelly, Bart., colls.], of Forest Rise, Walthamstow, and has issue living, Henry Fowell b. 1876, Leonard b. 1877, Andrew Richard b. 1879, Arthur b. 1882, Dorothy Rachel, Katharine Margaret, Lilian Rosa- mond, Geoffrey Fowell (of Sunny Hill, Thorpe, Norwich. Clubs, Oxford and Cambridge, White's), b. 1852 ; ed. at Uppingham, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; is a partner in banking firm of Gurneys & Co., Norwich, a J.P. for Norfolk, and Major ist Vol. Batn. Norfolk Regt. ; was Sheriff of Norwich 1890 : in. 1878, Mary, da. of the Rev. the Hon. John Harbord [see B. Suffield], and has issue living, Charles Geoffrey b. 1879, Bernard b. 1882, Ivor b. 1884, Guy b. 1888, Joan, Olive, Avery, Alfred Fowell (of 5, Hyde Park Street, W.), b. 1854 ; ed. at Rugby, and st Trin. Coll., Camb. ; is a Director of London banking firm of Prescott, Dim.sdale, Cave and Co., Limited, and a County Councillor for London, City Div. : m. 1885, Violet, da. of the Very Rev. Thomas William Jex-Blake, D.D., Dean of Wells, and has issue living, Patrick Alfred b. 1892, Rev. Barclay Fowell, b. 1860 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; is a Ch. Missionary So.'s Missionary, Matsuye, Japan : m. 1886, Margaret Maria Amelia, da. of the late William Railton, Esq., of 65, Onslow Square, S.W., and has issue living, Murray Barclay b. 1889, Alfred Barclay b. 1891, a son b. 1892, Rachel Louisa, Elizabeth Ellen : m. 1868, Robert Barclay, Esq., of High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Herts, -Catherine Emily : ;. 1891, Thomas Morris Macknight, Esq., of Bankend, Ayrshire, and Woorun, Ensey, Victoria, Margaret Jane : in. 1882, the Rev. Richard Arnold Pelly, V. of West Ham, Essex [see Pelly, Bart., colls.], Effie Priscilla, Ethel Mary. Residence, Easneye, Ware. Widow living Of 2nd Baronet CATHERINE (Lady Button), da. of the late Samuel Gurney, Esq., of Upton, Essex : m. 1836, Sir Edward North Buxton, M.P., who d. 1858. Residence, Colne House, Cromer.