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n8 DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. CLIFTON, Creation 1611, of Clifton, co. Nottingham. Sir WALLER CLIFTON, i2th Baronet, 2nd son of the late Marshall Waller Clifton, Esq., F.R.S. (successively Sec. to the Commrs. for Victualling H.M.'s Xavy and Ch. Commr. of Australind), by Elinor, da. of Daniel Bell, Esq., of Wandle House, Surrey; l>. May 2nd, 1813; s. his brother, Sir FRANCIS, 1892 ; formerly of the Admiralty ; is a J.P. for Westminster. Drills Sable, semee of cinquefoils, a lion rampant argent, armed and langued gules. Crtst Out of a ducal coronet, a demi-peacock per pale argent and sable, the wings expanded counter-changed. Residence The Hollies, Fulham, S.W. Tenez le droit. Brothers living Robert Williams, b. 1817 : in. 1840, Christina, da. of Keep the rirkt Major Martin, and has issue living, John Edward Martin (of Rosamel, Bunbury, W. Australia), b. 1844 : m. 1871, Anne Emily Fanny, da. of William Carmalt Clifton, Esq. [see infra], and has issue living, Marshall Waller 4 , - , ... , .sue living, .-ujierii'.m r raucis, u. 1057 . in. iou/, Miss Augusta Kerr, Archibald Gervase, b. 1858 : in. 18 , and has issue living. Francis Joseph Bingham, b. 1860, Christine Elinor, Sophia Louisa, Isabel Caroline, Laura Christine. George, b. 1823 ; formerly in R.N., and lately Gov. of H.M.'s Convict Prison, Portland : HI. 1853, Eliza Naylor, da. of the late Capt. J. S. Roe, R.N., J.P., Surveyor-Gen, of W. Australia, M.L.C., M.E.C., and has issue living, George Arthur Algernon, b. 1861, Edmund Yeamans, b. 1862, Charles Edward Ernest, b. 1863, Robert Henry, b. 1873, William Alvared Roe, b. 1878, Laura Eliza Josephine : in. 1877, Major Orbell Henry Oakes, Worcestershire Regt., Agnes Flora Isabel, Mary Louisa Alberta: in. 1885, Lieut. -Col. Edward Pohlman Browne, formerly ist Batn. The King's (Liverpool Regt.), -Ada Florence Rosalie. Residence, no, Upper Richmond Road, Putney, S.W Gervase, b. 1825. Residence, Moorland, W. Australia. Leonard Worsley, b. 1830; formerly a Collector of Customs for Colony of W. Australia; is a J.P. for the Colony : MI. 1858, Elizabeth, da. of J. Ferguson, Esq., M.D., J.P., formerly Colonial Surgeon, and has- issue living. Residence, Fremantle, W. Australia. Sisters living Elinor Katharine Mary : m. 18 , Harley Robert Johnston, Esq., who d. 1853, and has issue. Residence, Moorland, W. Australia.^ Lucy : in. 1853, the Rev. Henry William Browne, who d. 1886. Residence, Busselton, Vasse, W. Australia. WidOW living Of 9th Baronet ISABEL GERALDIXE {Lady Clifton), da. of Col. O'Meara, K.S.F.r "' l8 53, Sir Robert Juckes Clifton, M.P., gth baronet, who d. 1869. Residence, Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late William Pearce Clifton, Esq., 2nd brother of nth baronet; b. 1816, d. 1885 : m. ist, 1844, Annette Josephine Gaudin, widow ; 2ndly, 1874, Amy, da. of Charles Symmons, Esq., formerly Police Magistrate of Fremantle : ROBERT SYMMONS, b. 1879. Edith. Brenda. Issue of the late Charles Hippuff Clifton, Esq., 6th brother of nth baronet, b. 1827, d. 1890: in. 1851, Maria Glyn, who d. 1890: Charles Leonard, b. 1853 : in. 1881, and has issue living, six children. Rebecca Catherine : m. 1885, John Charles Horsey James, Esq., Bar.-at-Law. Residence, Perth, W. Australia. Eva : t.. 1879, Godfrey C. Knight, Esq. Marian Edith. Residence, Grandchildren of the late Joseph Bingham Clifton, Esq., son of the late Rev. Francis Clifton (ante) : Issue of the late William Carmalt Clifton, Esq., b. 1820, d. 1885 : m. ist, 1846, Anne Emily Mary, da. of Thomas Snepp, Esq., R.N., of Alcester ; 2iuHy, '1851, Sophia Harriott, who d. 1890, da. of W. R. Adcock, Esq., of Shepperton : William Edward, b. 1848 : in. 1878, Emma, da. of Edward Willcocks, Esq., formerly Registrar of Supreme Court, Auckland, New Zealand, and has issue living. Resides in W. Australia. Gervase, b. 1863. Alvared William, b. 1866. Arthur Benjamin, b. 1872. Anne Emily Fanny: in. 1871, John Edward Clifton. Esq. [see ante]. Louisa: in. 1875, Marshall Waller Clifton, Esq. [see ante]. Agnes Harriott : m. 1878, A. G. Hassell, Esq. Ethel : ;. 1878, Albert Y. Hassell, Esq. Residence, Kendenup House, near Albany, W. Australia. Kate Fleming. Ada Marian : m. 1884, Sydney Evelyn Innes, Esq. Residence, Grandchildren of the late Charles Clifton, Esq., brother of the late Rev. Francis. Clifton [ante] : Issue of the late Georgejames Clifton, Esq., b. 1803, d. 1867 : in. 1824, Mary, da. of the late John Revans, Esq., M.D. : George Henry, b. 1826; is an Advocate of H.B.M.'s Supreme Consular Court, Constantinople: m. ist, 1862, Helen, who d. 1864, da. of the late C. S. Hanson, Esq., Banker, of Constantinople ; andly, 1872, Ellen Camilla, da. of the late R. W. Cumberbatch, Esq., H.B.M.'s. Consul at Smyrna, Cc Sta Cla . , , __ , stantinople Claud Constable, b. 1829. Club, Conservative. This family, which takes its name from Clifton, a small village in Nottinghamshire, traces its descent uninterruptedly from Alvaredus de Clifton, Warden of Nottingham Castle, temp. William the Conqueror, who confirmed him in the possession of his estates. The estates continued with the male