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130 DEBRETTS ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Grandchildren of the late Major Eyre Coote, son of the late Thomas Coote, Esq., who was brother of the late Ven. Charles Coote, D.D., father of 2nd Baron Castlecoote : Issue of the late Capt. Richard Gethin Creagh Coote, b. 1797, d. 1872 : in. 1834, Hester, who d. 1874, da. of James Tarrant, Esq., of Mallow, co. Cork : Edmund Eyre, b. 1842 ; formerly Capt. s8th Regt. ; is Hon. Lieut. -Col. and Staff Paymaster ; served in Afghan campaign 1879-80 (medal) : m. 1865, Eliza Olivia, da. of the late Nicholas Gray, Esq., of Jamestown, co. Wexford. Richard Gethin, b. 1852 ; is in Mercantile Marine. Frances Hester : in. 18 , Francis Bourne, Esq., who d. 18 . Residence, Descendants of the late Sir Philips Coote, 2nd son of Chidley Coote, Esc., 2nd son of ist baronet : Grandson of the late Charles Coote, Esq., great-grandson of Sir Philips Coote (ante): Issue of the late Chidley Coote, Esq., b. 1776, d, 1843 : in. 1797, Anne, who d. 1842, da. of the Hon. William Williams Hewitt : Charles John Aldworth, b. 1811 ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn, 1839 ; is a J.P. for Limerick (High Sheriff 1876). Residences, Mount Coote, Kilmallock, Limerick ; 9, Marlborough Buildings, Bath. Issue of the late Rev. Charles Philips Coote, 2nd son of the late Charles Coote, Esq. (ante), b. 17 , d. 18 : in. 18 , Anne, da. of Charles Atkinson, Esq., of Rehins, co. Mayo : Chidley Oliver, b. 18 . William Philip Oliver, b. 18 . Mary: in. 1838, Thomas Lloyd, Esq., and has issue living, William Thomas Llewelyn, b. 1839, Charles Thomas Cadwallader, b. 1847. Eliza : m. Richard Lloyd, Esq., who d. 18 Anne : HI. 18 , Capt. Stack. Harriet Lucinda : m. 18 , John Tennant, Esq. Residence. Grandchildren of the late Chidley Coote, Esq. (ante) : Issue of the late Charles Eyre Coote, Esq., b. 1801, d. 1858 : in. 1828, Catherine Dillon, who d. 1878, da. of Major Crofton Croker : Mary Anne Harriet: in. 1856, William Uniacke Townsend, Esq., J.P., who</. 1888, and has issue living, Charles Eyre Coote (of Mount Coote, Kilmallock, co. Limerick), b. 1858 : in. 1887, Ida Dalrymple, da. of Theodore Billing, Esq., of Dublin, and has issue living, Herbert Eyre Dalrymple b. 1888, Percy_ Dalrymple b. 1891, Thomas Crofton Croker, b. 1870, Caroline Eleanor: in. 1887, the Rev. Francis Pery Huchesson Powell, V. of Withycombe Raleigh, Exmouth, and has issue living, Fitzhenry Townshend Scudamore b. 1888, William Uniacke Pery /'. 1891, Marian Elsie Lillian, Martha Attilia : m. 1881, the Rev. Robert Wilkes Gosse, R. of Bratton St. Maur, Wincanton, and has issue living, Ernest b. 1882, Alfred b. 1883, Mary Anne Elizabeth, Maria Elizabeth Coote, Eleanor, Alicia Uniacke. Caroline Alicia: nt. 1866, Walter James Cummins, Esq., and has issue living^ Charles Eyre Coote, b. 1867, Walter John Carnegie, b. 1869, Charles Philip Coote, b. 1871, William Macalister, b. 1873, Arthur Dillon Croker, b. 1876, Mary Jackson. Residence, Issue of the late Lieut. -Col. Charles James Cpote, b. 1818, d. 1853: in. 18 , Anne, who d. 1858, da. of Thomas Stuart, Esq., of Limerick : Charles James, b. 1837 ; formerly Capt. i8th Regt. : m. 1867, Emily, da. of the late Very Rev. the Hon. Henry Pakenham _see E. Longford, colls.]. Anne Hewett : in. 1866, Henry John Norman, Esq., and has issue living, Harold Henry, b. 1867, Reginald Leslie, b. 1870, Alfred Coote, b. 1871, Cecil, b. 1872, Geoffrey, b. 1876, Lionel, b. 1877, Eric Coote, b. 1880, Mabel. Residences, 21, Cadogan Square, S.W. ; Gadsden Hayes, Beckenham, Kent. Ada (Hon. Mrs. Henry Leslie Pepys) : in. 1868, the Hon. Henry Leslie Pepys, who d. 1891 [see E. Cottenham]. Residence, Maison Piet, Dinard, France. The ist baronet, Provost-Marshal and Vice-President of the Province of Connaught, greatly distinguished himself at the relief of Birr, 1642. The 2nd baronet was created, in 1661, Earl of Mountrath, in the peerage of Ireland, when the baronetcy merged in the peerage. The 7th earl and 8th baronet, having no heir, obtained in 1800 a new creation, that of Baron Castle Coote, with special remainder, which title became extinct 1827, when the baronetcy reverted to the great-great-grandson of the 2nd son of ist baronet. The gth baronet sat as M.P. for Queen's co. (Q 1821-47, a "d 1852-9. Vincit veritas. T; uih conquers. COOTE, Creation 1774, of Donnybrook, Dublin. Sir CHARLES ALGERNON COOTE, 4th Baronet ; b. 1847 ; s. his father, Sir CHARLES, 1861 ; L.R.C.S.I. 1883. ^rms Argent, a chevron between three coots, within bordure wavy sable. &st A coot proper. Residence Charles Coote, the last Earl of Bellamont, in the Peerage of Ireland, having no legitimate issue, obtained an English baronetcy with remainder to his natural son, Charles, who succeeded as 2nd baronet.