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DE BRETT ADVERTISEM ENTS. 19 ESTABLISHED 1852. CATALOGUE POST FREK. PERKEK, SON & RAYMENT, ._ IABDFACTDBE JAMERAS, LENSES, & PHOTOGRAPHIC APPARATUS. Trade Mark. 'OPTIMUS' 'OPTIMUS" EURYSCOPE. " Working as it does with such a large aperture (f/6 ap- prox.)tit serves as a portrait and group lens, as well as a landscape and copying ob- jective. There is no doubt of it proving a most useful leas." J. TRAILL TAYLOR, British Journal of Photo- graphy. " I should strongly recom- mend Rayment's Camera. It is LIGHT, COMPACT, very RIGID, and extends to about double the usual focus." .Amateur Photo. " Optimus " Rapid Euryscope." 5-4 7-5 8-5 9-7 10-8 12-10. 63s. 94s. 6d, 110s. 126s. 220s. 390s. " Optimua " Wide Angle Euryscope. 5by4 7byo 9by7 I0by8 12 by 10 63s. 94s. 6d. 126s. 220s. 390s. " Optimus " Rapid Rectilinear. 5-4 7-5 8-5 9-7 10-8 12-10 15-12 18-16. 36s. 53s. 70s. 90s. 142s. 180s, 225s. 275s. "Optimus" Wide Angle Symmetrical. 5-4 7-5 9-7 10-8 12-10 15-12 18-16 42s. 58s. 90s. 142s. 180s. 225s. 275s "Optimus" Quick-Acting Portrait. Price. B 2 inches. M 2 J inches. P9 3J- inches. Diam - 90s. <* 120s. 180 Rayment's Patent Camera (Long Focus). Price includes 3 Double Dark Slides. 4jby3j 6J by 4| 8j by 6J 10 by 8 12 by 10 15byl2 120s. 145s. 168s.' 212s. 258s. 314s. "Optimus" Camera (Long Focus). Price includes 3 Double Dark Slides. 4jby3j 6Jby4i 8jby6J 10by8 12bylO 15byl2 130s. 137s. 175s. 227s. 275s. 333s. "Optimus" Wide Angle Camera (Long Focus}. Price includes 3 Dark Slides. 5by4 6Jby4f 8jby6J 10by8 12bylO 15byl2 146s. 165s. 188s. 235s. 288s. 350s. "OPTIMUS" MAGIC LANTERNS. Each Lantern is efficient for Exhibitions. The Lens gives crisp definition, being a superior Achromatic Photographic Combination, with Rack and Pinion, Compound Condenser of 4-in. diameter, 3-wick 11 OPTIMUS" SCOUT. Refulgent Lamp. Complete in Box Russian Iron Body, Brass Sliding Tube .. Mahogany outside body, Pannelled Door, Brass Stages, and Sliding Tubes 1 2 10 10 2 Medium Size 11 OPTIMUS Double TELESCOPE. Clear Defini- tekWWWWI fc- tion .. .. This Instrument has Good Field. . Target Marks Bending Bar for Exact Visual Adjustment .. QfJc The Size is moderate .. OU& 1200 yards The Definition is crisp.. , High Magni- Magnifying 144 times ../ fying Power (64 times) If with Shades, as Dia- I A Ho For Definition and Magnifying Power we invite intending Purchasers to test our Field Glasses against any in the World. PERKEN, SON $c RAYMENT, LONDON.