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DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 139 Brother living Hugo Harpur, />. 1858 ; is a D.L. for Derbyshire, and patron of Breadsall R., Derbyshire. Club, Windham. Sister livlllg Alice Geo.giana Harpur. Residetice, Uncle living (son of 8th baronet) Richard Harpur, b. 1836 ; formerly Capt. ist Dragoon Guards. Club, Army and Navy. Aunts living (daughters of Sth Baronet) Isabel Jane. Mary Adeline. Resilience, Widow living Of 9th Baronet GEORGIANA JANE HENRIETTA ELIZA LOVELL (Lady Crave), da. of the late Vice-Adm. William Stanhope Lovell, K.H. : m. 1845, Sir John Harpur Crewe, gth baronet, who a. 1886. Residence, Spring Hill, E. Cowes, Isle of Wight. Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Rev. Henry Robert Crewe, 2nd son of 7th baronet, b. 1801, d. 1865 : in. 1827, Frances Caroline, whorf. 1886, da. of William Jenney, Esq. : Alfred Godley, M.D., b. 18-; M.R.C.S.Eng. 1853: m. 18 , Jemima, da. of the late Rev. Rosin- grave Macfcun, V. of Ch. Ch., Derby, and has issue living, Frances Jane. Residence, The Old Priory, Milton, near Portsmouth. George Arthur, b. 18 . Residence, The Lawn, Etwall, Derby. Wiiloughby Harpur, b. 18 .Henrietta Frances. Charlotte Elizabeth Selina. Caroline Lucy. Frances Louisa. Ellen Barbara. Issue of the late Edmund Lewis Crewe, Esq., 3rd son of 7th baronet, b. 1803, d. 1874: i/t. 1832, Caroline Anna, who d. 1887, da. of Lieut.-Gen. Need, of Fountain Dale, Notts : John Edmund Harpur, b. 18 ; formerly Lieut. 64th Regt. Residence, The Grange, Milton, Burton- on-Trent. The original surname of this family was Harpur. The 6th baronet sat as M. P. for Derbyshire, Sir Henry Harpur 7th baronet, assumed, by royal permission, in 1818, the surname of Crewe. Th Sth baronet was M.P. for Derbyshire South (C) 1835-41. CROFT, Creation 1671, of Croft Castle, Herefordshire. Sir HERBERT GEORGE DENMAN CROFT, 9th Baronet ; b. July 25th, 1838 ; s. his father, Sir ARCHER DEN- MAN, 1865; eel. at Eton, and at Merton Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1860, M.A. 1864); Bar. Inner Temple 1861 ; sat as M.P. for Herefordshire (C) 1868-74 ; is a D.L., a J.P., and a County Alderman for Herefordshire ; was a Revising Barrister on Oxford Circuit 1878-92, when he was appointed H.M.'s In- spector of Constabulary ; formerly Lieut. Herefordshire Militia : m. 1865, his cousin, Georgiana Eliza Lucy, el. da. and co- heiress of the late Matthew H. Marsh, Esq., formerly M.P., of Ramridge House, near Andover, and has issue. glnns Quarterly, per fesse indented azure and argent ; in the ist Esse quam videri quarter a lion passant, guardant or. Crtsts ist, A wyvern sable vulned To be ratlurthan to 'seem. in the side ^* : 2tld ' a lion P^sant guardant or. Seat Lugwardme Court, Hereford. Club Carlton. Sons living HERBERT ARCHER, b. Sept. 5th, 1868 ; formerly Lieut. 4 th Batn. the King's (Shropshire L.I.): m. 1892, Kate, da. of the late John Hare, Esq., of Invercargill, New Zealand. Residence, Glendower, Boorolong, Armidale, N.S. Wales. Hugh Matthew Fiennes, b. 1874. William Denman, b. 1879. Owen George Scudamore, b. 1880. Jasper Brodie, b. 1884. Daughters living Janet Georgiana: m. 1891, Edward Archer Greathed, Esq., and has issue living, Bernard Wilberforce, b. 1891. Residence, Jarrow, near Winnipeg, Canada. Sybil Helen. Lucy Barbara. Daughter living Of 7th Baronet Grace : m. 1846, Edward Murray, Esq., formerly Capt. 3rd Middlesex Militia, and has issue living, Edward Croft (of i, Partlands Avenue, Ryde, Isle of Wight), b. 1847 ; formerly Capt. Bedfordshire Regt. ; retired as Hon. Major 1887 : m. 1879, Julia Elizabeth, da. of the late Major Willock, K.L.S. (formerly of Madras Cav.), Denman Croft (Club, United Service), b. 1849 ; is Major ist Batn. Roy. Warwickshire Regt. : in. 1885, Mary Margaret, da. of Henry Davis Willock, Esq., J.P., formerly of the Indian C.S., and has issue living, William Raymond Croft b. 1887, Bernard Croft, b. 1858. Residence, 37, Cambridge Road, Hove, Brighton. Collateral Branch living. Issue of the late Rev. Richard Croft, 3rd son of 6th baronet, b. 1808, d. 1869 : in. ist, 1839, Charlotte Leonora, who d. 1854, da. of Lieut. -Col. Russell ; 2ndly, 1856, Louisa, da. of the late Samuel Holland. Esq., of Dumbleton, Gloucestershire: Richard Benyon, b. 1843 ; is a retired Lieut. R.N., and a D.L. for Herts ; served in China war 1860 and 1861-2 (medal with clasp); is a J.P. and a County Councillor (Ware Div.) for Herts, and Lieut. -Col. Herts Yeo. Cav. : m. Anne Elizabeth, da. of Henry Page, Esq., of Ware, and has issue living, Richard Page, b. 1872, Henry Page, b. 1881, Joyce. Maud, Anne Page, Helen, Violet Mary, Susannah Grace. Residence, Fanhams Hall, Ware. Club, Army and Navy. Croft Castle, from which the family name is derived, was sold about 1765, having descended from father to son for more than 700 years, and members of the family represented Herefordshire in sixteen Parliaments between 1297 and 1874. The father of the first baronet was Bishop of Hereford.