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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. '55 Collateral Branches living. Hew Dalrymple, Lord Drummore, a Lord of Justiciary, 3rd son of ist baronet, was father of Gen. Robert Dalrymple-Elphinstone, who was father of Sir Robert Dalrymple-Horn-EIphinstone, ist baronet [see Dalrymple-Horn-Elphinstone, Bart.]. Grandchildren of the late Col. George Dalrymple, 2nd son of the late Lieut, -Col. Campbell Dalrymple, 7th son of the late Hew Dalrymple (Lord Drummore), ante : Issue of the late Capt. William Henry Clarence Dalrymple : Mary Martha : HI. 1855, Thomas Eustace Smith, Esq., and has issue living, William Henry, b. 1856, Margaret Mary (of 23, Hyde Park Gate, S.W.): in. ist, 1876, Ashton Wentworth Dilke, Esq., M.P., who d. 1883 [see Dilke, Bart., colls.] ; zndly, 1891, William Russell Cooke, Esq., of 3, New rgaret M -n ., who d, 1003 L*>te 4~/Illtc, JJtUl., V-*JU.J , ^li^iy, i uy , liiinui Axuaa^ii v^wnv;, t^a^., w 3, ...v... Inn, Strand, W.C., three das. Ellen Arbuthnot : ;. 1857, Col. Edward Jackson Bruce, R.A., who d. 1879, an d nas issue living. Residence, The ist baronet, the Hon. Sir Hew Dalrymple, 3rd son of ist Viscount Stair, sat as M.P. for North Berwick in the Scotch Parliament, and was subsequently Lord President of Session, and one of the Commissioners appointed to arrange the Articles of Union. Sir Hew, the 2nd baronet, was M. P. for co. Haddington, and King's Remembrancer in the Exchequer for Scotland. The 3rd baronet, Sir He, M.P. for Midlothian, assumed the additional surname of Hamilton, and the 4th baronet assumed the surname of Hamilton after Dalrymple [see E. Stair, colls.]. Dalton-Fitzgerald, see Fitzgerald. DALYELL, Creation 1685, of The Binns, Co. Linlithgow. [Extinct or dormant 1886.] Sir ROBERT ALEXANDER OSBORNE DALYELL, 8th and last Baronet. Sister living Of 8th Baronet Elizabeth Grace ; has assumed the surname of Dalyell : m. 1861, Gustavus C. Cornwall, Esq., formerly Sec. to Post Office in Ireland. Residence, The Binns, Linlithgow. As the Baronetcy was granted to " heirs male and of entail," it is possible that the title is only dormant. DANCER, Creation 1662, of Modreeny, Tipperary. Sir THOMAS JOHNSTON DANCER, yth Baronet ; b. 1852 ; s. his father, Sir THOMAS GOING BERNARD, 1872 ; ed. at Eton; formerly Lieut. 2nd Somerset Militia : m. 1877, Isabella Laura Elizabeth, who d. 1886, da. of the late Samuel Weare Gardiner, Esq., of Coombe Lodge, Whitchurch, Oxon, and has issue. ^rnts Quarterly : ist and 4th, argent three talbots' heads two and one, erased sable, Dancer; 2nd, gules on afesse or between three crescents argent as many fleurs-de-lis of the field, Searl ; 3rd, argent on a mount vert a palm-tree, therefrom a serpent descending proper, Going. Crtats ist, a talbot passant sable collared or ; 2nd, an armembowed in armour and charged on the fore arm with three estoiles in pale gules, holding a palm- branch proper. Vincit qui patitur. Residence He conquers lulto endures. _ Daughters living Grace Helen. Barbara Jane. Sisters living Matilda Jemima : ;. 1872, John Jessop, Esq. Residence, Shortlands, Willingdon, Annesley (formerly of nth Hussars). Residence, 14, bprmgneld Place, Bath. Louisa Cons in. 1884, John Chichely Sherston Baker, Esq. [see Baker, Bart., cr. 1796]. Residence, St. fred's, Bath. Nina Hastings : in. 1889, the Rev. Samuel Henry Pemberton Whittuck (formerly Sth Hussars). Residence, Heywood Vicarage, Westbury, Wilts. The ist baronet was Mayor of Waterford, the 2nd baronet was Mayor of Cashel, and the 3rd and 6th baronets each served the office of Sheriff of co. Tipperary. DARELL, Creation 1795, of Richmond, Surrey. Sir LIONEL EDWARD DARELL, 5th Baronet; b. Sept. 6th, 1845 ; s. his father, the Rev. Sir WILLIAM LIONEL, 1883; ed. at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; formerly Capt. Gloucestershire Yeo. Cav. ; is a J.P. for Gloucestershire (High Sheriff 1887) : m. 18/0, Helen Frances, only child of the late Edward Mars- land, Esq., of Henbury Park, Chester, and has issue. gairott of 0iu jCifaing Fretherne R., Gloucestershire. ^rms Azure, af lion rampant or ducally crowned argent. Crrst Out of a ducal coronet or a Saracen's head couped at the shoulders proper, bearded sable, wreathed about the temples or and azure, on his head a cap azure fretty argent tasselled or, turned up ermine. Seat Fretherne Court, Stonehouse. Gloucestershire. Clubs Junior Carlton, Garrick. Sons living LIONEL EDWARD HAMILTON MARMADUKE, b. April and, 1876. William Harry Verelst, b. 1878. Guy Marsland, b. 1883.