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DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. i6r Half-Brothers living JAMES, b. Feb. 2nd, 1851 ; is Major Lincolnshire Regt., and an Instructor at Hythe Sch. of Musketry ; served in Ashanti war 1873-4 (medal with clasp) ; received in 1875 the ;.ilver medal of the Roy. Humane So., and also its gold medal for the most distinguished act of the year 1874: in. 1878, Aimee Jean, da. of the late John Grove, Esq., of Feme, Wilts, and has issue living, Cuthbert, b. 1880, Vere, b. 1882, Guy, b. 1886, Dorothy, Cicely, Joan. Club, National Conservative. Daniel, b. 1853 ; is Major ist Batn. Loyal North Lancashire Regt. Half-Sister living Frances. Residence, Daughter living Of 9th Baronet Elinor Isabel. Residence, WidOW living Of 9th Baronet ELLEN ANN (Lady de Hoghton da. of Ralph Harvey, Esq. : m. 1654, as his 3rd wife, Sir Henry de Hoghton, gth baronet, who d. 1876. Residence, This baronetcy is and in point of precedence, and the property of Hoghton has been in the family since temp. King Stephen. The ist baronet, Sir Richard Hoghton, M.P. for Lancashire, entertained King James I. for several days at Hoghton Tower. The 3rd and 4th baronets represented Lancashire in Parliament, and the 5th, 6th, and 7th baronets each sat as M.P. for Preston. The 8th baronet assumed the additional surname of Bold, and the qth baronet resumed in 1862 by royal license the ancient surname of De Hoghton. DENNY, Creation 1782, of Tralee Castle, Kerry. Sir ROBERT ARTHUR DENNY, 5th Baronet, son of the late Rev. Robert Day Denny, 2nd son of 3rd baronet ; b. July 23rd, 1838 ; s. his uncle, Sir EDWARD, 1889 ; ed. at Harrow; formerly Lieut. 22nd Regt. : m. 1872, Janie, da. of T. Kirton, Esq. ^rms Gules, a saltire argent between twelve crosses patee argent. Crtst A cubit arm vested azure, turned up or holding five beared wheat- ears proper. Club Naval and Military. -Herbert Champer- Et mea messis erit. And the harvest shall be mine. Half-Brothers living CECIL, I. Dec. i4th, 18 nowne, b. 1852. Sister living Arabella Elizabeth Sarah : m. 1864, the Rev. Fred- erick Thomas Salmon, R. of Gittisham, and has issue living, Herbert John Denny, b. 1866, Robert Hugh, b. 1868, Reginald, b. 1870, Frederick Arthur, b. 1873, Frances Beatrice Mary, Eleanor Margaret, Ethel, Margaret Lilian, Alice Maud, Flora Mildred, Constance Evelyn, Gertrude Ella. Residence, Gittisham Rectory, Honiton. Half-Sisters living Gertrude Honora Frances : m. 1883, Archibald Henry Boyd, Esq., Barrister- at-Law, and has issue living, Archibald John, b. 1888, Gertrude Frances Cordelia, b. 1890. Resi- dence, 4, Sussex Gardens, W. Frances Flora : in. 1879, the Rev. James Arthur Kempe, V. of Veryan, and has issue living, Francis Bernard, b. 1880, Kenneth Trevanion, b. 1882, Ernie: Archibald, b. 1884. Residence, Veryan Vicarage, Grampound Road, Cornwall. Constance Mary Sophia : ;. 1883, J. Weller, Esq., and has issue living, Rudolph Herbert, b. 1884, Hilda. Residence, Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Rev. Henry Denny, 3rd son of 3rd baronet, b. 1802, d. 1877 : m. 1834, Sophia Catherine, who d. 1890, da. of Daniel McGillycuddy, Esq., Solicitor, of Tralee : Re-'. Edward, b. 1835 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin (M. A. 1875) ; is V. of Laracpr : m. 1877, Marion Georgina, da. of Lyttelton Henry Lyster, Esq., of Dublin, and has issue living, Henry Lyttelton Lyster, b. 1878. Residence, Laracor Vicarage, Trim, co. Meath. Arthur M'Gillycuddy, b. 1838; formerly Lieut. -Col. i3th Foot. Residence, Blennerville, Tralee, co. Kerry. Club, Co. Kerry (Tralee). William, b. 1847. Residence, Listrim House, Tralee, co. Kerry. Richard, b. 1848 ; is Major R.M.L.I. : m. 1881, Mary, da. of Thomas Stokes Guppy, M.D., of Falmouth, and has issue living, Richard Brougham,^. 1889, Eileen, Joan, Geraldine. Roland John, b. 1849; is L.R.C.S. Ireland. Residence, Nelson Street, Tralee, co. Kerry. Edmund Barry, b. 1860; is L.R.C.S. Ireland : m. 1884, Emily Barclay, da. of Henry Allen, Esq., of Dublin, and has issue living, Henry Allen Maynard, b. 1887, Robert Edmund Barry, b. 1891, Norah Creina, Iris. Residence, Wragby, Lincolnshire. Sophia. Elizabeth. Arabella Jane: m, 1874, Richard Hungerford Townsend, Esq., M.D., and has issue living, Thomas Henry Denny, b. 1876, Richard Herbert Denny, b. 1879, Henry Denny, b. 1881, Sophia Elizabeth, Helen Agnes, Kathleen Audrey. Residence, Queenstown, co. Cork. Diana. Grandchildren of the late Rev. Henry Denny (ante) : Issue of the late Henry Denny, Esq., b. 1837, d. 1872 : m. 1864, Jane (who m. 2ndly, 1875, Joseph Keatinge, Esq., of Roscrea), da. of Joseph Armstrong, Esq. ? of Coote Hill, Cavan : Henry Arthur Francis, b. 1868.^ Kathleen Elizabeth: m. 1890, George Smith, Esq. Residence, Issue of the late De Courcy Daniel Denny, Esq., b. 1840, d. 1875 : m. 1873, Clementina, da. of the late Richard Leahy, Esq., of Tralee : Henry de Courcy. b. 1874. Issue of the late Ven. Anthony Denny. 4th son of 3rd baronet, b. 1807, d. 1890: tit. ist, 1830, Catherine, who d. 1866, da. of James Magill, Esq., of Tralee; zndly, 1868, Charlotte, da. of the late George Coare, Esq., of Heavitree, Exeter: Edward, b. 1833 : formerly Lieut. R. N. : m. ist, 1869, Florence Annette, who d. 1886, da. of the late Charles Condell, Esq., of London ; zndly, 1889, Jane, da. of the late John Brannan Quick, Esq., of 41, St. Paul's Road, Camden Square, N.W., and has issue living (by ist marriage), Edwin, b.. 1875. Residence, 3, Manor Villas. Richmond, Surrey. Anthony, b. 1835 : /. 1890, Emily, da. of the late W. Jenkins, Esq., of Illawarra, N. S. Wales. William James, b. 1837. Francis M'Gillycuddy, b. 1843; formerly Lieut. R.E. Residence, 17, Denny Street, Tralee. George Herbert, b. 1855: m. 18 Elizabeth. Kathleen. Diana Henrietta. Gertrude Alice: in. 18 , Joseph William Neligan, Esq., M.D. Residence, Croydon. Antoinette. Residence* 73, Rugby Road, Leamington.