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2IO DEBRETTS ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. /. Me Sons living JOHN PETER GERALD MAURICE, f. May i 4 th, 1884. Arthur Henry Brinsley, c. 1885. Daughter living Louise Nesta Pamela, b. 1889. Brothers living Robert John, t. 1852; is a J.P. for co. Kerry: vt. 1878, Marian, da. of the late Mahony Harte, Esq., and has issue living, Peter Francis, b. 1879, Robert Brinsley, b. 1884. Residence, Ballyard House, Tralee. Clnb, Junior Constitutional. Peter David, b. 1855 ; is a J.PTfoicos. Cork and Limerick. Residence, Prospect, Limerick. Club, Bachelors'. Brinsley John Hamilton, b. 1859. Residence, Gurtenard, Listowel. Club, Bachelors', White's. Sisters living Mary Emily Frances (Lady Molyneux) : m. 1863, Sir Capel Molyneux, 7th baronet, who d. 1879. Residence, Castle Dillon, Armagh. Emily. Frances Caroline. Katherine : /. 1873, the Rev. Henry Bell, V. of Muncaster and Hon. Canon of Carlisle, and has issue living, Henry Fitz-Gerald, b. 1877, Aubrey Fitz-Gerald, b. 1882, Stric Francis Lorrain, b. 1884, Kath- leen Mary Lorraine, Ida Constance Vere, Gertrude Shiela. Residence, Muncaster Vicarage, Carnforth. Elizabeth Ann (Hon. Mrs. Francis Spring-Rice) : m. 1882, the Hon. Francis Spring- Rice, R.N., brother of 2nd Baron Montdagle. Julia Emma Isabella: m. 1888, Stephen Edward Spring-Rice, Esq. [see B. Monteagle, colls.]. Residence, i, Bryanston Place, W. Eileen Gertrude: m. 1886, Capt. Edward Kaye Daubeney, D.S.O., 2nd Batn. S. Staffordshire Regt. WidOW living Of 1st Baronet JULIA (Lady Fitz-Gerald), da. of Peter Bodkin Hussey, Esq., of Farrinikilla House, co. Kerry: in. 1838, Sir Peter George FitzGerald, ist baronet, who d. 1880. Residence, Glanleam, Valencia Island, co. Kerry. The title of " Knight of Kerry" was conferred upon his son Maurice by John Fitz Thomas Fitz-Gerald, Earl of Decies and Desmond, b$ virtue of his royal seigniory as a Count Palatine, and his descendants have ever ince been so styled in Acts of Parliament, patents under the Great Seal, and other legal documents. The ist baronet was the igth " Knight of Kerry." Shannet a boo. Shannet to victory. DALTON-FITZGERALD, Creation 1644, of Castle Ishen, Cork. Sir GERALD RICHARD DALTON-FITZGERALD, loth Baronet ; b. Aug. 2ist, 1832; s. his brother, Sir JAMES GEORGE, 1867 ; formerly Lieut. R.N. ; is a J-P- and D.L. for Essex and Lancashire : m. 1861, Agnes Georgiana. da. of George Wildes, Esq. , formerly of Elm Bank, Manchester. ^rms Quarterly : ist and 4th, ermine, a saltire gules, Fitzgerald; 2nd and 3rd, azure, a lion rampant-guardant argent, Dalton. Crtsts ist, a chevalier in complete armour on horseback at full speed, his sword drawn and beaver up proper ; 2nd, a dragon's head couped vert, between two wings or. Seats Bigods Hall, Great Dunmow, Essex ; Thurnham Hall, Lanca- shire. Town Residence 36, Lowndes Square, W. Clubs Army and Navy, Marlborough, Junior Carlton. Hurlingham. Sisters living Augusta. Cecilia : m. 1854, Marquis Serlupi, Caval- lerizzo Maggiore to His Holiness Pope Leo XIII. Residence, Palazzo Serlupi, Rome. The ist baronet, a distinguished loyalist, burnt his castle of Cleughlish to prevent its falling into the hands of the Parliamentarians, and also raised and maintained at his own expense a regiment of horse. Charles II. refused him compensation for the destruction of the castle. In consequence of the diminution in the family estates, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th baronets (dejure) did not assume the title, and it remained dormant until 1730, when Richard Fitzgerald, Esq., resumed the dignity as 6th baronet, with the approval of the College of Arms in Ireland. The gth baronet assumed the additional surname and arms of Dalton. JUDKIN-FITZGERALD, Creation 1801, of Lisheen, Tipperary. Sir JOSEPH CAPEL JUDKIN-FITZGERALD, 4th Baronet ; b. Aug. gth, 1853 : s. his father, Sir THOMAS, 1864 ; ed. at Harrow : m. June 5th, 1872, Constance Sarah, da. of the late Capt. William Augustus Hyder, loth Hussars, and has issue. 5 ns Quarterly: ist and 4th, ermine a saltire gules; 2nd and 3rd, argent, a chevron gules between three boars' heads sable, langued of the second. rtst A chevalier in complete armour on horseback at full speed, his sword drawn and beaver up all proper. Residence Sons living-CAPEL GERALD WILLIAM, b. June- sth, 1872. Thomas Judkin, b. 1873. Daughter living One, t. 1879. Brothers living Robert Uniacke, b. 1855 Thomas, b. 1858. Sisters living Eliza Anna : m. 1872, John E. Roberts, Esq. Emma Augusta : m. 1875, Edmund T. Hale, Esq., formerly of The Grange, Somerset. Hentietta Mary De La Poer.