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DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. 59- BADEN-BADEN. First-class House, principally patronized by first-class English and Americans* beautifully situated, opposite the new General Post Office on the new Promenade, nearest the Conversation House, Gardens, Frederick and Augusta Bathhouses, with magnificent view, reputed for its excellent cooking and wines, great clean- liness and moderate charges. Hydraulic Lift. Fine Drawing, Reading, and Smoking Rooms. PENSION IN EAKLY AND LATTER PART OF SEASON. Sanitary arrangements perfect. BRUSSELS. Hydraulic Lift. (RUE ROY ALE). Hydraulic Lift. This large and beautiful First Class Hotel is situated in the finest and healthiest part of the Town, near to the most frequented Promenades, and is supplied with every modern comfort.. Table d'Hote, 5 francs. Restaurant " a la Carte " at any hour. First-rate cooking and choice Wines. Accommodation for 150 persons. Reading and Conversation Saloons. Smoking and Billiard Rooms. Baths. Large and splendid Dining Room. POST AND TELEGRAPH. Arrangements made with families during the Winter Season. Mr. B. MENGELLE, Proprietor. GENEVA. f^otel fce la FINEST FIRST-CLASS HOUSE in the finest situation, in front of LAKE and MONT BLANC. LIFT. Tariff in every room. No charge for light and attendance. STEAMBOAT LANDING OPPOSITE THE HOTEL. The only Hotel with ELECTRIC LIGHT in every room. Open all the year round F. WEBER, Proprietor. Branch House: GRAND HOTEL VICTORIA, at Beatenberg, near Interlaken. MENTONE (Alpes Maritimes), PRANCE. HOTEL BELLE VUE, ZFIIE^ST CTQi^SS IFJ^yLTI-rZ" HOTEL, Patronised by the Royal Family of England. Full South. Patent Hydraulic Lift. BEST SANITARY ARRANGEMENTS. G. ISNARD, Proprietor.