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234 DEBRETTS ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Bar.-at-law, and has issue living, William Frederic, b. 1879, Muriel, Eleanor Mary. Resi- dence. 124. Ladbrok* Grove Road, W. Diana Anne: tn. 1866, Capt. Alfred Herbert Morse, formerly of 73rd Foot, and has issue living, Edward, b. 1869, Harriet Frances, Rose Diana, Edith. Residence, Copdock House, near Ipswich. Harriet Sophia. Charlotte Matilda : in. 1873, Edward Annesley Owen, Esq., Bar.-at-law, of i, Tanfield Court, Temple, E.G., and has issue living, Edward Gooch FitzRoy Kelly, b. 1879, Louisa Harriet, Maud Charlotte, Kate Janet,- Beatrice Mary, Phillis, Caroline Perry. Residence, 40, Tedworth Square, S.W. -^Isabella Edith : in. 1875, Capt. Lascelles Wharton Ford, 8Sth Regt., who d. 1882, and has issue living, Edward Wharton, b. 1876, Barnett Philip, b. 1879, Emma Edith Lascelles. Residence, 37, Rue Puits aux Oies, Bruges, Belgium. Daughter living Of 6th Baronet Florence Jane Charlotte Giva : m. 1852, the Rev. Edward Mortimer ClissoTd. Resides in New Zealand. Widow living Of 7th Baronet ELLEN EMILY (Ladv Gooch). da. of Robert Augustus Hankey Hirst, Esq., of The Down Grange, Basingstoke: m. ist, 1866, Sir Edward Sherlock Gooch, 7th baronet, who d. 1872 ; 2iidly, 1873, George Thompson Gream, Esq., M.D., who d. 1888, Physician to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales. Residence, 59, The Drive, Hove, W. Brighton. Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Rev. Charles John Gooch, 2nd son of 5th baronet, b. 1803, d. 1876 : m. 1832, Agatha, who d. 1867, da. of Charles Hanbury, Esq., of Sloe Farm, Halstead: Re-'. Philip Sherlock, b. March I4th, 1839 ; ed. at Eton, and at Merton Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1860) ; is R. of Benacre : m. 1881, Mary Campbell, da. of the Rev. Henry Jodrell, R. of Gisleham [see Jodrell, Bart., colls., and Countess of Cape St. Vincent, " Foreign Titles of Nobility"]. Residence, Benacre Rectory, Wangford. Agatha: in. ist, 1863, Capt. William Henry Lawrence (gth Lancers), who d. 1864 ; 2ndly, 1876, Major Robert Lawrence (h.p. goth Foot), and has issue living (by ist marriage), Williamina Florence Emily. Residence, Marden House, E. Harting, Sussex. Issue of the late Vice-Adm. Thomas Lewis Gooch, 3rd son of 5th baronet, b. 1807, d. 1876 : in. 1829, Anne Europa, who d. 1839, da. of Gen. the Hon. William Henry Gardner : Thomas Sherlock ; b. 1831 : is a retired Capt. R.N. , served in Burmese war 1852 (medal with clasp) : m. 1861, Catherine Lydia, da. of the late Capt. John James (Ssth Regt.) [B. Gardner, colls.], and has issue living, John Sherlock, b. 1865 ; is Lieut. R.A., Anne Geprgiana Sherlock : in. 1886, Philip Edward Scholfield, Esq., of Maltby Hall, Rotherham, Katharine Marion Sherlock. Residence, 26, Tedworth Square, S.W. Club, Army and Navy. Grandchildren of the late Col. William Gooch, 2nd son of 4th baronet : Issue of the late Rev. William Gooch, b. 1798, d. 1876 : m. 1822, Anne, who d. 1885, da, of Herbert Newton Jarrett, Esq., of Grove Park, Hants : George Cecil, b. 183- ; is Hon. Major and Paymaster h.p. i8th Foot; served with 93rd Highlanders in Indian Mutiny campaign 1857-9 (medal with two clasps) : in. ist, 1857, Julia Caroline, who d. 1860, da. of Henry Van Straubenzee, Esq., of Spennithorne, York ; 2ndly, 1861, Frederica Charlotte Agneta, who d. 1876, da. of William Gambier, Esq., of Sacombe Park, Herts; 3rdly, 1877, Ellen, Louisa, da. of John Fairlie, Esq., and widow of Capt. Edmund Prideaux Chichester (7th Dragoon Guards), and has issue living (by 2nd marriage), Amy Maud, Amabel Mildred Annie, Eva Frederica. Residence, Long Cross, Chertsey. Edward George Tate, /;. 1838 ; served as Mid- shipman in Black Sea, during Crimean War, 1854-6 (medal with clas^, Turkish medal): m. 1877, Elizabeth Isabella, da. of William M'Kinney, of co. Tyrone, and has issue living, Cecil William, b. 18 , James Fletcher, b. 18 , Annie Lillian Georgina. Residence, Kaikoura, New Zealand. Rev. Francis Harcourt, b. 1842 ; ed. at Merton Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1865) ; is V. of Thursley, and a J. P. for Suffolk : m. 1868, Catherine, da. of the late Richard Paine, Esq., of Dye House, Godalming, and has issue living, Richard Francis Knight, b. 1872, Annie Elizabeth, Margaret Lily, Ethel, Dulcibella Amy. Residence, Thursley Vicarage, Godalming. Anna Maria : in. 1852, the Rev. Charles George Torrington Barlow, who d. 1891, V. of Falmer, and has issue living, Hilare Edith. Mary Teresa : m. 1854, Robert Calverley Bewicke Bewicke, who d. 1886, and has issue living, Robert Calverley Alington BEWICKE-COPLEV, b. 1855 ; is Capt. King's Royal Rifle Corps, and D.A.A.G., Ireland ; assumed in 1892 the additional surname of Copley: m. 1886, Selina Frances, da. of Sir Charles Watson-Copley, 3rd baronet [see Watson, Bart., cr. 1760], and has issue living, Red- vers Lionel Calverley b. 1890, Dorothy Albreda b. 1891, Perceval Harcourt (of Bunbrea, Vancouver), b. 1862: in. 1888, Dorothea Mary, da. of Alexander McEwen, Esq., of Mottingham, Kent, and has issue living, Zoe Dorothea b. 1889, Lena Mary b. 1892, Charlotte Amy : m, 1876, Capt. Stuart Alex- ander Menzies, formerly 2nd Batn. Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's), of Wood Hall, Howden, Yorkshire, Caroline Ellen (Lady Ridgeway) : m. 1881, Col. the Rt. Hon. Sir (Joseph) West Ridgeway, P.C., K.C.B., K.C.S.I., Under Sec. for Ireland Louisa Edith : m. 1876, Lieut. -Col. John Henry Balmain (formerly of 4th Bengal Cav.), and has issue living, Edith Lily, Muriel Charlotte. Residence, Pilton House, Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Grandchild of the late Rev. William Gooch (ante) : Issue of the late Capt. Percy Feilding Gooch, b. 1836, d. 1874 : in. 1872, Edith (who in. 3rdly, 1876, Col. William A. Park), widow of the Rev. Henry Ewen and da. of the Rev. Stennmg, Johnson, R. of Eastergate, Chichester : Percy William Jarrett, /;. 1873. Grandchild of the late Ven. John Gooch, Archdeacon of Sudbury, 3rd son of 3rd baronet, b. 1752, d. 1823: in. 1791, Barbara, who d. 1821, da. of Walter Sneyd, Esq., M.P., of Keele Hall, Staffordshire : Issue of the late Rev. Frederick Gooch, D.C.L., b. 1804, d. 1887 : in. 1853, Matilda Katherine, who d. 1861, da. of the late Rt. Hon. William Yates Peel : Henry Francis, b. 1860 ; ed. at Radley ; formerly Capt. and Hon. Major 3rd Batn. Sherwood Foresters (Derbyshire Regt.) : in. 1890, Annetta, da. of the late Rev. T. Raby, and widow of H. Gerard, Esq. Residence, Bufton Lodge, Desford, Leicester. The ist baronet, Sir William, after serving gallantly in the wars of Queen Anne's reign, was appointed Lieut. -Gov. of Virginia. The 2nd baronet, Sir Thomas, was successively Bishop of Bristol, of Norwich, and of Ely. The 4th baronet, Sir Thomas, was High Sheriff of Suffolk 1785. The 5th and 6th baronets were each successively M.P. for that county.