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2 88 DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. HOSKYNS, Creation 1676, of Harewood, Herefordshire. Rev. Sir JOHN LEIGH HOSKYNS, pth Baronet ; b. Feb. 4th, 1817 ; s. his brother. Sir HUXGERFORD, 1877; ed. at Rugby, and at Balliol and Magdalen Colls., Oxford (B.A. 1839, M.A. 1843) ; formerly Fellow of Magdalen Coll.; is a J.P. for Berks, Rector of Aston Tyrrold, a Rural Dean, and an Hon. Canon of Ch. Ch., Oxford : m. 1846, Emma, da. of the late Sir John Strutt Peyton, K.C.H., and has issue. ^rms Per pale gules and azure, a chevron between three lions rampant or. Crest Out of a ducal coronet a lion's head erased or, with flames of fire out of his mouth proper, crowned or. Residence Aston Tyrrold Rectory, near WalHngford. Sons living CHANDOS, b. 1848 (twin;; ed. at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich; is Major R.E. ; served in Jowaki campaign (medal with clasp), in Afghan campaign 1878-80 (medal with clasp, and mentioned in despatches), and_ in Zhpb _Valley expedition ^884 : >._ 1886, Jean Vincula da linguae vel tibi lingua dabit. ' Bannatyne, da. of D. MacDuff Latham, Esq., J.P. and D.L., Gourock hind the tongue, or the House, N.B., and has issue living, Euphemia, b. 1887, Muriel, b. 1889, tongue ivill t/ice. Elizabeth Mary, b. 1891. Club, Junior United Service. Leigh, b. 1850; ed. at Trin. Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1872); Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1875 ; formerly Crown Prosecutor of Griqualand ; is a J.P. for Oxfordshire : m. 1882, Frances, da. of John Bowles, Esq., of Milton Hill, Steventon, Berks, and has issue living, Edwyn Cecil Leigh, b. 1890, Mary Leigh, b. 1883, Frances Etrenne, b. 1887, Catherine Emma, b. 1888. Residence, Baldon House, Oxford. Club, New University. R ev. Edwyn, b. 1851 ; ed. at Jesus Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1873) ; is R. of Stepney : /. 1883, Marj' Constance Maude, da. of the late Robert Benson, Esq., and has issue living, Edwyn Clement, b. 1884, Phyllis Eleanor, b. 1886, Evelyn Mary, b. 1889. Residence, Stepney Rectory, E. Peyton, R.N., b. 1852 ; became Com. 1891 : m. 1882, Grace MacDuff, da. of D. MacDuff Latham, Esq. (ante), and has issue living, Oswald Peyton Latham, b. 1883, John Walter, b. 1892, Grace, b. 1887, Dorothy, b. 1888 Rev. Benedict George, b. 1856; ed. at Jesus Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1877, M.A. 1887); is Incumbent of St.Denys, Southampton. Daughters living Emma: m. 1884, Charles Morrell, Esq.. J.P., and has issue living, Harold George (twin), b. 1885, Phyllis Emma, b. 1885. Residence, Milton Hill, Steventon. Mary. Florence. Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Chandos Wren-Hoskyns, Esq., M.P., 2nd son of 7th baronet, b. 1812, d. 1876 : m. ist, 1837, Theodosia Anne Martha, who d. 1842, da. and heir of Christopher Roberts Wren, Esq., of Wroxall Abbey, Warwickshire; 2ndly, 1846, Anna Fane, who d. 1881, da. of Charles Milner Ricketts, Esq. : Catherine (only child by ist marriage): m. 1873, the Rev. Charles Francis Corbet Pigott, who d. 1888, R. of Edgmond, and Canon of Lichfield. Residence, 32, Park Street, Grosvenor Square, W. Anna Dorothea. Grandchildren of the late John Hoskyns, Esq., M.D., 4th son of 6th baronet : Issue of the late Edwin Bennet Hoskyns, Esq., b. 18 , d. 18 : m. 18 : John, b. 18 Chandos, b. 18 Bennet, b. 18 Two daus. Issue of the late John Hoskyns, Esq , b. 1827, d. 1891 : m. 1861, Mary Elizabeth, da. of George Duff, Esq., of Monkstown, co. Dublin : John Chandos, b. 1862. Chandos, b. 18 George, b. 18 John, b. 18 . Lydia Benedicta. Caroline. Mary. Gertrude. Lucy. Issue of the late John Hoskyns, Esq., M.D. (ante), b. 1784, d. 1858 : m. 18 , Caroline Ellen, who d. 1854, da. and co-heir of Allen Ribton, Esq., of Little Forest, co. Dublin : Kate: m. 18 , Arthur Cuthbert Baines, Esq. Ellen. The ist baronet. Sir Bennet, M.P. for Herefordshire, was son of Serjeant John Hoskyns, whose courageous and patriotic eloquence in the House of Commons, tetnp. James I., against the encroach- ments of the Stewart dynasty upon the liberty of Parliament and the people, occasioned his confinement in the Tower, hence the motto since borne by his descendants. Sir John, 2nd baronet, one of the founders of the Royal Society, succeeded his friend Sir Christopher Wren as President thereof, and received the honor of knighthood. Sir Hungerford, 4th baronet, a distinguished soldier throughout Marlborough's campaigns, was M.P. for Hereford. HOSTE, Creation 1814. Sir WILLIAM HENRY CHARLES HOSTE, 3rd Baronet; b. Nov. igth, 1860 ; s. his father, Rear-Adm. Sir WILLIAM LEGGE GEORGE, 1868 ; ed. at Cheltenham Coll. ; formerly Lieut. 3rd Batn. Suffolk Regt. : m. 1884, Alice, da. of James Healy, Esq., of Sydney, N.S.W. ^,nns Azure, a bull's head argent, cabossed, couped at the neck winged and armed or ; in chief, a naval crown, pendent therefrom by a ribbon a repre- sentation of the gold medal given by the Prince Regent to the ist baronet for his distinguished conduct on the I3th March, 1811, subscribed " Lissa." Crtsts Out of a naval crown, the rim encircled by a branch of laurel, an arm embowed grasping a flagstaff, flowing therefrom a flag inscribed " Cattaro " ; 2nd, two wings addorsed or. Residence