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DEBRETTS ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 293 INGILBY, Creation 1866, of Ripley Castle, Yorkshire. Sir HENRY DAY INGILBY, and Baronet; b, Oct. i2th, 1826 ; s. his father, the Rev. Sir HENRY JOHN INGILBY, 1870; ed. at Magdalen Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1848, M.A. 1851), of which he was sometime a Fellow ; is a D.L. and a J.P. for W. Riding of York ; was High Sheriff of Yorkshire 1882 : m. 1862, the Hon. Alicia Margaret Robertson, da. of 1st Baron Marjoribanks (ext.). patron of br f things Ripley R., Killinghall V., York; Harring- ton R., Lincoln. ^rms Sable, an estoile argent within a bordure engrailed gobony or and gules. Crtst A boar's head couped and erect argent, tusked or, in the mouth an estoile of the last. Seats Ripley Castle, Ripley, Yorkshire ; Harrington Hall, Spilsby, Lincolnshire. Town Residence o, Hereford Gardens, Park Lane, VV. Clubs Boodle's, Oxford and Cambridge, Yorkshire. Brother living WILLIAM, />. Dec. ipth, 1829 ; formerly Lieut. Bengal Artillery; is a J.P. for W. Riding of York: m. 1874, Eleanor Isabella, da. of the late Henry Macdowall, Esq., of Garthland, and has issue living, William Henry, b. 1874, John Uchtred Mac- dowall (twin), b. 1874. Residence, Farnham, Knaresborough. Clubs, Boodle's, St. James's. Sister living Wilhelmina. This family, of great antiquity, has been seated at Ripley Castle since temp, Edward III., and has three times received the honor of a baronetcy. The title created 1642 became extinct 1772, and the creation of 1781 became extinct 1854. AMCOTTS-INGILBY, Creation 1781. [Extinct 1854.] Sir WILLIAM AMCOTTS-!NGILBY, and and last Baronet. Widow living MARY ANNE (Lady Amcotts-Ingilby), only child of the late John Clementson, Esq., by Elizabeth, da. of Sir Thomas Turton, ist baronet : in. 1843, as his 2nd wife, Sir William Amcotts- Ingilby, 2nd baronet, who d. 1854, when the title became extinct. Residence, Broxholme, Ripley, Yorkshire. INNES, Creation 1628, of Balvenie, Banffshire. Sir JOHN INNES, i2th Baronet ;b. Nov. 25th, 1840 -, s. his father, Sir JAMES MILNE, 1878 ; is a J.P. and D.L. for Banffshire, and a J.P. at Christchurch, New Zealand, where he was formerly engaged in sheep-farming. Vrm Argent, a sword in pale azure, hilled and pommelled or, between three stars of six points of the second. Crtst An arm from the shoulder holding a dagger proper. tron!> ^Wotto " Pro patria" (for my country). Residence Edingight House, Keith, N.B. Club Scottish. Sine crimine fiat. Brothers living JAMES, b. Jan. 20th, 1846. Robert, b. 1847. Thomas, b. 1852 ; is a partner in mercantile firms of Woodgate and Co., Valparaiso, and Woodgate. Innes and Co., of Liverpool: is ;.. and has issue living, a son, b. 1883, a da. Residence, Valparaiso. Hector, b. 1860. Edward, b. 1864. Let it be done -without Sisters living Anne Thurburn : m. 1870, Edward Thurburn, Esq. crime. Residence, Mayen, Banffshire. Elizabeth Helen. Widow living Of llth Baronet ELIZABETH (Lady Innes), da. of Alexander Thurburn, Esq.: in. 1837, Sir James Milne Innes, who d. 1878. Residence, Edingight House, Keith, N.B. On the death of the 8th baronet in 1817, John Innes, Esq., of Edengight, assumed the baronetcy as heir male of John Innes, of Edengight, great-uncle of the ist baronet. ISHAM, Creation 1627, of Lamport, Northamptonshire. Sir CHARLES EDMUND ISHAM, loth Baronet, 2nd son of 8th Baronet; b. Dec. i6th, 1819; s. his brother, Sir JUSTINIAN VERB, 1846 ; ed. at Rugby, and at Brasenose Coll., Oxford ; is a D.L. for Northamptonshire (High Sheriff 1851) ; m. 1847, Emily, da. of the late Right Hon. Sir John Vaughan, and has issue. ipatron of too ;ibings Lamport R., Northamptonshire: Shangton R., Leicestershire. $rms Gules, a fesse wavy, and in chief three piles also wavy, argent Crrst A demi-swan, wings displayed proper. jStconS .SfHoMo "On things transitory resteth no glory." Seat Lamport Hall, Northampton. Daughters living Louisa Mary : m. 1871, Edward Corbett, Esq., and has issue living, Edward Richard Trevor, b. 1872. Residence, Aldershaw, Ostendo non ostento. Lichfield. Emily Caroline : m. 1881, Capt. Norman Magnus MacLeod, 1 show, not boast. C.M.G., and has issue living, Emily Pauline, Margaret Louisa. Resi- dence, Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye, N.B.