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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 297 JARDINE, Creation 1672, of Applegirth, Dumfriesshire. Sir ALEXANDER JARDINE, 8th Baronet ; b. Feb. loth, 1829; s. his father, Sir WILLIAM, 1874 ; ed. at Edinburgh Acad., and Woolwich ; formerly Convener of co. Dumfries ; is a J.P. and D.L. for Dumfries- shire : m. 1861, Henrietta, da. of the late William Younger, Esq., of Craigielands, Dum- friesshire, and has issue. Drills Argent, a saltire and chief gules, the last charged with three mullets. Crtst A spur-rowel of six points. jJtujporttrs Dexter, a horse ; sinister, a knight in armour armed with a scimitar. Residence Granton House, Edinburgh. Club New (Edinburgh). Beware : 1 am f resent ! ^athe- Sons living WILLIAM, b. June nth, 1855. Alexander, b. 1868. Daughters living Isabel Edith Jane Gertrude. Henrietta. Janet Madeline.- rine Dorcas Maule. .Sibyl Mary. Margaret Lindesay. Brother living Rev. Charles John, b. 1839 ; ed. at Edinburgh, at Oxford Univ., and at St. Bees Coll. ; is R. of Foulness : in, 1870, Martha, el. da. of the late Edward Twining, Esq., M.R.C.S., of Walthamstow, and has issue living, Edward William Ratcliff, b. 1872, Eric Hamilton, b. 1874, Percy St. John, b. 1879, Margaret Dorcas Mary, Muriel Lucy. Residence, Foulness Rectory, Essex. Sisters living Jane Home : m. 1844, Wellwood Herries Maxwell, Esq., and has issue living, William Jardine, M. P. (of Terraughtie, Dumfries), b. 1852 ; is Major and Hon. Lieut.-Col. sth Vol. Batn. Roy. Scots Fusiliers : has sat as M.P. for Dumfriesshire (LU) since 1892 : m. 1877, Dorothea Fitzgerald Maitland, da. of the late Charles Lionel Maitland-Kirwan, Esq., of Gelston Castle, N.B., Wellwood (of Kirkennan, Dalbeattie, N.B.), b. 1857 : m. 1889, Anne, da. of Col. Sir George Gustavus Walker, K.C.B., Alexander, b. 1860, Hugh, b. 1862, Jessie Jane: m. 1868, Charles George Hood Kinnear, Esq. (of Drum), Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. 2nd Vol. Brig. Scottish Div. R.A., of 12, Grosvenor Crescent, Edinburgh, Clementina, Agnes: m. 1878, Lionel Maitland- Kirwan, Esq., Margaret, Catherine Helen. Residence, Munches, Dalbeattie, N.B. Margaret Helen Hassells : m. 1862, the Rev. David Landale. Residence, Applegirth Manse, N.B. Helen: m. 1875, Col. Charles Ratcliff, J.P. and D.L., who d. 1885. Residence, 45, Castle Street, Dumfries, N.B. Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Capt. William Jardine, R.N., 2nd son of 7th baronet, b. 1834, d. 1869 : m. 1864, Louisa Archer (who m. 2iidly, 1877, Major Horatio Reginald Mends, 2nd Batn. King's Roy. Rifle Corps), da. of George Cockburn Harvey, Esq., of Halifax, N.S : William, b. 1867 : m. 1890, Margaret Helen, da. of Dr. George J. Bucknall, of San Francisco- Residence, Issue of the late John Jardine, Esq., 3rd son of 6th baronet, b. 1807, d. 1874 : m. 1837. Elizabeth, who d. 1890, da. of Capt. William Henry Craig, R.M. : Francis Lascelles, b. 1841. Alexander William, M.l.C.E.,b. 1843: m. 1883, Charlotte Elizabeth, who d. 1890, da. of Archibald Mosman, Esq. John Robert, b. 1847. Charles, b. 1855. Elizabeth Jane : m. 1875, Arthur Bootle-Wilbraham, Esq. [see E. LathomJ. Katharine Maule :

/. 1871, Hugh Miles Milman, Esq. [see Milman, Bart.]. Residence, Brisbane, Queensland.

JARDINE, Creation 1885, of Castle Milk, co. Dumfries. Sir ROBERT JARDINE, ist Baronet, youngest son of the late David Jardine, Esq., of Muirhousehead, Locker- bie, co. Dumfries ; b. May, 1825 ; ed. at Edinburgh ; is a J.P. and D.L. for cos. Dumfries and Perth, and head of the firm of Jardine, Matheson and Co., Merchants in China ; sat as M.P. for Ashburton (L) 1865-8, for Dumfries Burghs 1868-74, and for Dumfriesshire 1880-92, having been defeated there in Feb. 1874 : m. 1867, Margaret Seton, who d. 1868, da. of John Buchanan Hamilton, Esq., of Leny and Bardowie, N.B., and has issue. Srms Per pale argent and or a saltire gules, on a chief engrailed of the third three mullets argent. Crtst A spur rowel of six points. Seats Castle Milk, Lockerbie, N.B. ; Lanrick Castle, Doune, N.B. Lave adsum. r?wn Kesidence2^, St. James's Place, S.W. Clubs Brooke's, Reform Beware; I ant present I City Liberal. Son living ROBERT WILLIAM BUCHANAN, b. Jan. 2 IS t, 1868.