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338 DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. LEVINGE, Creation 1704, of High Park, Westmeath. Sir WILLIAM HENRY LEVINGE, gth Baronet, son of the late William James Levinge, Esq., 7th son of 6th Baronet; b. May 2ist, 1849 , s. his uncle, Sir VERE HENRY, 1885; ed. at Oriel Coll.. Oxford (M.A. 1874) '> formerly Capt. 9th Batn. the Rifle Brig. (Prince Consort's Own) : m. 1876, Emily Judith, da. of Sir Richard Sutton, 4th Baronet, and has issue. ^rais Quarterly : ist, vert, a chevron or, three escallops argent in chief, Levinge ; 2nd, azure, on a chief or three ravens proper, Corlyn ; 3rd, vert, three bucks passant crowned or, Greene; ^th, sable an escallop shell or, between three helmets close argent, garnished of the second, Kennedy. Cnsl An escallop argent, within a garland proper. Residence St. John's Park, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Clubs Tra- vellers', Kildare Street, Royal Victoria Yacht. Vestigia nulla retrorsum. No footsteps backwards. Sons living RICHARD WILLIAM, b. July i2th, 1878. Thomas Vere, b. 1880. Reginald Augustus, b. 1883. Charles Horace, b. 1884. Bernard George, .1887. Gerald Henry, b. 1889. Daughters living Dorothy Mary Gertrude. Beatrice Maud Cecil. Brothers living Richard, b. 1852; is a J.P Godfrey Charles Rawdon, b. 1858; is a J.P. Residence, Doneraile, co. Cork. George Edward, b. 1862. Sisters " " ' o. 1890. tvelyn Alary, b. 1888, Beatrice Maude, b. 1891. Residence, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. Son living Of 6th Baronet Harry Corbyn, b. Dec. ist, 1828 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin : was Sec. to Gov. of Bengal.Public Works Depart., 1879-83 ; is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Westmeath (High Sheriff 1886) : m. 1857, Ellen Hawes, da. of R. Barnes, Esq., and has issue living, Harry George, b. 1864; is Lieut, and Batn. Nr - r -" 1885, Capt. Irton Eardley-Wilr (fence, Knock Drin Castle, Mul Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Lieut. -Col. Charles Levinge, 2nd son of 5th baronet, b. 1796, d. 1843 : m. 1825, Barbara, who d. 1838, da. of Hugh Johnson, Esq., of St. John's, New Brunswick : Barbara: m. 1854, Charles Thurburn, Esq., and has issue living, Arthur Hugh, b. 1860; is Lieut, and Adj. ist Batn. Roy. Scots Fusiliers, Walter Levinge, b. 1870, Kathleen Annie, Frances Augusta, Mary Anne, Ethel Flora, Evelyn Maud. Residence, Grandchild of the late Richard Levinge, Esq., 2nd son of 4th baronet : Issue of the late Richard Hastings Levinge, Esq., b. 18 , d. 1847 : m. 1839, Ellen, who d. 1864, da. of Thomas Chippen Falconer, Esq., of Newhaven ; Richard Reginald Augustus, b. 1843. Residence, Grandchildren of the late Richard Hugh Levinge, Esq., 4th son of 4th Baronet : Issue of the late Charles William Levinge, Esq., /;. 1817, d. 1868 : m. 1842, Annie, who d. . ., _ ^ _^dward, b. 1874, Richard Hugh, b. 1879, Reginald Markham. b. 1885,- Arthur Tenison, b. 1887, Frederick Rufane, b. 1890, Eva, Violet Frances, Annie Caroline, - Frances Ellen. Residences, Levington, Mullingar, co. Westmeath ; Corteen, near Longford. Robert Childe, b. 1853. Reginald Thomas Alexander, R.N., b. 1860; ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1882); L.R. C.S.I. 1885; appointed a Surg. R.N. 1888. Frances Lavinia : m. 1874, Dr. Whittaker. Edith Jane : m. 1877, George Armstrong, Esq., M..D. Rosa Violet Avice : in. 1883, George Porter, Esq., M.D., and has issue living, George Richard, b. 1885, Reginald Edward, b. 1888, Ethel Violet. Residence, Swaffham, Norfolk. Grandson of the late Charles William Levinge, Esq. (ante) : Issue of the late Surg.-Major Edward Levinge, b. 1850, d. 1892 : in. 1888, Mary Ellen Davies, da. of the late Bryce McMaster, Esq., C.E. : Edward Vere Bryce, b. 1889. Issue of the late Mark Anthony Levinge, Esq., 5th son of 4th baronet, b. 17 , d. 1847: m. 1812, Caroline, who d. 1856, da. of John Lyons, E>q., of Ledeston, co. Westmeath : Ma Esq Elea ofC <ji v^aMiei, iLuwaru oeorge, o. 1052; ea. at inn. uoil., JJUDim ^IU.D. 1073;, rrei TICK, v. iou*, Caroline Euphemia: m. 1871, Charles Seymour, Esq., of Killanula, S. Australia, and has is^uc living, Charles Henry b. 1873, Emma Isabella, Louise Henrietta : m. 1884, Oliver James Carthew, Esq. Residence, New Park, co. Roscommon. Grandchild of Mark Anthony Levinge, Esq. (ante) : Issue of the late William Levinge, Esq., b. 1845, d. 1880 : m. 1876, Annie Georgiana, da. of Daniel Bailey, Esq., of Moorock, King's co. : Evelyn Violet. The ist baronet, the Right Hon. Sir Richard Levinge, was Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in Ireland, and the 7th baronet sat as M.P. for co. Westmeath () 1857-65.