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DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 345 Georgiana, da. of Francis Henry Beaumont, Esq., of Buckland Court, Reigate [see Beaumont, Bart., colls.], Francis : in. 1872, George Dunbar Whatman, Esq., of 2, Cranley Gardens, S. Kensington, S.W., and has issue living, Arthur Dunbar b. 1873, Isabella : m. 1874, Nicholas Edward Char- rington, Esq., of 183, Piccadilly, W., and Mailing House, Lewes, Evelyn Minnie: /. 1884, the Rev. William Richard Lloyd, V. of Westcott, Dorking, Ada Emily {Lady Duckworth') : in. 1890, as his second wife, Sir Dyce Duckworth, M.D., LL.D., ofu, Grafton Street, W., and has issue living, Christian Leslie Dyce b. 1891. Residence, The Rookery, Dorking. The founders of the English branch of this ancient family came from the Duchy of Lorraine, and were given lands in Northumberland and Durham by William I. In the reign of Henry V., Edward Lorraine married (about 1416) Johanna, co-heiress of William del Strother, Lord of Lyham ; and, ob- taining with her the estates of Kirk Harle, in Northumberland, removed thither. Here his descendants lived for near 420 years. Edward's successor, Robert Lorraine, was barbarously murdered at Kirk Harle by border robbers, in the reign of Edward IV., as is recorded on a monument raised ou the spot to his memory. New arms were granted in 1639, to Thomas Lorraine, a direct descendant of Edward (teip. Henry V.). He was a learned and a pious man, and zealous friend of Charles I., a circumstance that caused the soldiers of Cromwell to burn down his seat at Offerton. His eldest son, Thomas, was the ist baronet. LOUIS, Creation 1806, of Chelston, Devonshire. Sir JOHN Louis, 3rd Baronet, son of the late Thomas Louis, Esq., el. son of and Baronet ; b. Aug. 28th, 1832 ; s. his grandfather, A dm. Sir JOHN. R.N., 1863 ; ed. at Harrow; formerly Lieut.- Col. 3rd Bombay European Regt., with which Regt. he served in Central Indian campaign (mentioned in despatches, and medal with clasp) : m, 1st, 1854, Fanny Anne, who d. 1872 (having previously obtained a judicial separation on her own petition), da. of J. Bland, Esq., of Bahmah Hall, Norfolk ; 2ndly, 1873, Charlotte Minna, who d. 1891 (having previously obtained a judicial separation on her own on i r .1 i . -*r tr-n- petition 1883), da. of the late Major William Anderson, 2nd West India Regt., and has issue. IVrms Azure, a lion rampant argent charged on the shoulder with an eagle displayed sable, and holding in the paws a fleur-de-lis or ; on a chief wavy ermine an anchor erect of the third, the shank surrounded with a naval coronet, the rim azure, sterns and sails proper. Cnst A griffin's head erased azure, between two wings elevated or, in the beak a fleur-de-lis, on the breast a trident erect or. Supporters Dexter, a British sailor habited proper, his exterior hand supporting a staff, thereon hoisted a flag argent charged with a cross gules, surmounted by a pair of wings or, and inscribed with the words "St. Domingo" in base sable ; sinister, an allegorical figure representing the Nile, head and upper part of the face concealed by a veil argent, the mantle vert inscribed with hieroglyph wreathed about the waist with bulrushes proper, in the exterior hand an ancient rudder or. Residence Le Chateau Zenecote, Assebrouck, Bruges, Belgium. r in (tile snip) Lanopus, in order to heaven, Daughters living By 1st marriage Georgina Aurora Fanny: m. 1891, Frederick William Hutchinson Hutchinson, Esq. Residence, Beechey Park, co. Carlow. By 2nd marriage- Charlotte Aline. Minna Beryl Sissa Julie. Uncle living (son of 2nd Baronet)- CHARLES, b. 1818 ; entered R.M. 1837, became Lieut. -Col. 1862, Col. 1866, and Major-Gen. 1873 ; served in Syria at storming of Sidon and at D'Jouni (medal with clasp and Turkish medal), in Baltic Expedition 1854 and 1855, and was severely wounded (medal). Clubs, Junior United Service, Ramblers'. AuntS living (daughters of 2nd Baronet) Clementina (Lady Robinson) : m. 1841, Adm. Sir Robert Spencer Robinson, K.C. B., who d. 1889. Residence, 61, Eaton Place, S.W. Maria Hannah. Residence, 61, Eaton Place, S.W. Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late Thomas Louis, Esq., 2nd son of ist baronet, b. 1789, d. 1862: in. 1828, Elizabeth Grasett, who d. 1885, da. of Forster Clarke, Esq., of Barbados : Charles, b. 1835. Elliot Grasett, /;. 1842 : m. ist, 1872, Marion Crawfurd, who d. 1875, da. of the late G. Elliott Clarke, Esq., of Frampost, East Grinstead ; 2ndly, 1881, Hannah Clarke, da. of the late Henry Pilgrim, Esq., Barbados, and has issue living (by ist marriage), Forster Belfield, b. 1872, (by 2nd marriage), Eleanor Alleyne, Marion Belfield, Elise Grasett Cloete. Residence, Winterton, Barbados. Club, Savile. William, b. 1844 ; is Lieut.-Col. (retired), formerly Major The King's (Liverpool Regt.): m. 1881, Marie Harriet, da. of Maj.-Gen. Charles Cornwallis Johnston, R.E., of 74, Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, W. Club, Junior United Service. Anne Woollcombe {Lady Cloete): m. 1857, Gen. Sir Abraham Josias Cloete, K.C.B., who d. 1886, and has issue living, Evelyn Rivers Henry Josias {Club, Naval and Military), b. 1863 ; ed. at Welling- ton Coll. ; is Capt. R.A. : m. 1889, Selma Mary, da. of the late Rev. Henry W. Bagnell, R. of Nuffield, Oxfordshire, Jose Elizabeth Sophia : m. 1886, C. E. J. Twisaday, Esq., of the India Office. Residence, Hughenden, Oakhill Road, Putney Eleanor: m. 1863, T. Whitfoot O'Neal, Esq., who d. 1869, and has issue living, Louis Belfield, b. 1863, Thomas Woollcombe, b. 1866. Mary Jane. Fanny Gertrude. Charlotte Annie. Issue of the late Capt. Charles Belfield Louis, R.N., 4th son of ist baronet, b. 17 , d. 1834 : in. 1825, Mary, who d. 1877, da. of the Rev. Roger Mallock, of Cocking- ton Court, Devon : Jaquete Elizabeth: m. 1846, the Ven. Henry Woollcombe, who d. 1885, Archdeacon of Barnstaple,