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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 347 Sons living- By 1st marriage JOHN BIRKBECK,^ Oct. 4 th, 1858 ; ed. at Eton, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford. Cmb, Arthur's. Normal), b. 1861 ; ed. at Eton. Rolfe Arthur, b. 1865 ; ed. at Eton. Club, Wellington. By 2nd marriage Harold Fox Pitt, b. 1888. By 1st marriage Amy Harriet : m. ist, March 1877, Andrew Walter Mulhol- land. Esq., who if. June 1877, el. son of John Mulholland, Esq., M.P. ; 2ndly, 1884, Ferdinand Suydam Van Zandt, Esq. Gertrude. By 2nd marriage Ursula. Irene. Brothers living Henry James, b. 1838 ; is a partner in the metropolitan banking firm of Robarts, Lubbock. and Co. : in. 1866, Frances Mary, da. of the late Rev. Henry Turton, V. of Betley, and has issue living, Henry, b. 1868, Geoffrey, b. 1873, Rupert Egerton, b. 1886, Evelyn Mary, Cecil Blanche: m. 1888, Riversdale Francis John Grenfell, Esq., formerly Lieut. 2nd Batn. Coldstream Guards, of Hill House, Taplow, Bucks, and has issue living, Esme Winifred Mary b. 1892, Mar- gare: Muriel. Residence, Newberries Park, St. Albans. Club, White's. Nevile, b. 1839 ; formerly Capt. V. Kent Yeo. Cav. ; is Merchant Referee of th; Admiralty Court: m, ist, 1861, Harriet Charlotte, who ti. 1878, 2nd da. of the late Western Wood, Esq., M.P. ; 2ndly, iSSi, Constance Anne, da. of Sir John Frederick William Herschel, ist baronet, and has issue living (by ist marriage), Hugh Nevile (of The Gables, Crofton, Orpington, Kent), b. 1865 : m. 1890, Margaret Agnes, da. of Henry F. Tiarks, Esq., of Foxbury, Chislehurst, and has issue living, Ralph Hugh b. 1891, Arthur Nevile, b. iSjg, Bertie Nevile, b. 1872, Ernest Nevile, b. 1875, Reginald Nevile, b. 1876, Edith Harriet. -(by 2nd marriage) Alexander Nevile, b. 1883, Margaret Con- stance Nevile, Sybil, Hilda Francisca, Rose Mary, Alice Mildred, Dorothy. Residence, 65, Earl's Court Square, S.W. Chit, Athenseum. Beaumont William, b. 1840; is a partner in metropolitan banking firm of Robarts, Lubbock and Co. Residence, 7, Clarges Street, W. Clubs, Bachelors', St. James's. Montagu, M.D., F.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., b. 1842: m. ist, 1872, Lora, who if. 1882, da. of the late Capt. George Hotham, R.E. [see B. Hotham, colls.] ; 2ndly, 1888, Nora, da. of Nottidge Charles Macnamara, Esq., F.R.C.S., of 13, Grosvenor Street. W., and has issue living (by ist marriage), Montagu Hotham, R.N., b. 1876; became a Midshipman 1892. Residence, 19, Grosvenor Street, W. Club, Athenaeum. Frederic, b. 1844: in. 1869, Catherine, only da. ot the late John Gurney, Esq., of Eariham Hall, Norfolk, and has issue living, Guy, b. 1870 ; is Lieut. R.E., Cecil, b. 1872, Samuel Gurney, b. 1873, Percy, b. 1879, a son, b. 1892, Violet Catherine. Residences, The Rookery, Down, Kent ; 72, Cadogan Gardens, S.W. Clubs, St. James's, Arthur's. Alfred, b. 1845 : >. 1874, Louisa, el. da. of the late Charles Wallroth, Esq., and has issue living, Alfred Basil, /'. 1876, Robin, b. 1879, Merlin Gordon, b. 1884, Inez Alfreda. Resi- dence, 28, Eldon Road, Kensington, W. Club, St. James's. Edgar, LL.B., b. 1847 : -m. 1886, Amy, da. of Christopher Gilbert Peacock, Esq., of Greatford Hall, Stamford. Residence, 14, Berkeley Street, W. Clubs, Windham, Wellington. Sisters living Mary Harriet : m. 1857, Robert Birkbeck, Esq. Residence, 20, Berkeley Square, W. Diana Hotham : m. 1856, William Powell Rodney, Esq., who if. 1868 [see B. Rodney, colls.]. Henrietta Harriet: in. 1878, the Rev. Canon Robinson, M.A. Residence, The Rectory, Delgany, co. Wicklow. The ist baronet was an opulent merchant and banker of the City of London ; the 2nd baronet was an eminent banker ; and the 3rd baronat, a banker and a distinguished scientific author, was Vice- President of the Royal Society. LUCAS, Creation 1887, of Ashtead Park, Surrey, and of Lowestoft, co. Suffolk. Sir THOMAS LUCAS, ist Baronet, son of the late J. Lucas, Esq. ; b. July iSth, 1822 ; is a J.P. for Middlesex and Surrey, a T-P- and a D.L. for Suffolk, and Lieut. -Col. Engineer and Railway Vol. Staff Corps : m. ist, 1845, J an ^ Rolfe, who d. 1849, da. of Charles Colder, Esq., of Folke- stone; andly, 1852, Mary A., da. of the late R. Chamberlin, Esq., of Cation Hall, Norfolk, and has issue. JJatron of One -Cibinij Ashtead R., Surrey. 3rms Per bend, argent and gules, a bend dovetailed, between six annulets, all counterchanged. Crest Issuant from a wreath of oak or, a dragon's head, wings addorsed gules, semee of annulets argent. Seat Lowestoft, Suffolk. Town Residence T.Z, Kensington Palace Gardens, W. Cl-abs Carlton, Junior Carlton, St. Stephen's. Spes et fides. Sons living By 2nd marriage ARTHUR CHARLES, b. May 22nd, Hope and faith. 1 %53 i > s a J-P- f r Middlesex and Suffolk : ;. 1876, Agnes, da. of George Jamieson, Esq., of Prince's Gardens, W. Residence, 30, Wilton Crescent, S.W. Clubs, Carlton, Arthur's, Windham, Pratt's. Edward Lingard, b. 1860: m. 1886, Helen, da. of Henry Chance, Esq., and has issue living, Thomas Farquhar, b. 1886, Joscelyn Morton, b. 1889. Residence, 15, Lennox Gardens, S.W. Chibs, Conservative, Wellington. Ernest Murray, b. 1861 ; is Lieut. Montgomeryshire Yeo. Cav. Residence, Abbeygate, Bangor Is-y-Coed, WVexham, N. Wales. Clubs, Wellington, Junior Carlton. Rev. Francis Granville Lewi, b. 1862; is R. of Ashtead, Surrey: m. 1892, Mary Frances, da. of the late John E. Bovill, Esq., of Sondes Place, Dotking. Clubs, Junior Carlton, Isthmian. Reginald Jaffray, b. 1865. Clubs, White's, Bachelors'. Evelyn Penn, b. 1875. Daughters living By 1st marriage Kate Colder: m. 1869, Athol Maudslay. Esq. By 2nd marriage Constance Mary: m. 1877. William Penn, Esq Amy Florence: ;//. 1882, Lieut.- Col. Aubrey Maurice Maude [see E. De Montalt, colls.]. Mary Alice: m. 1885, Frederick Eustace Reade Fryer, Esq. Residence, Old Buckenham Lodge, Norfolk.