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4OO DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Uncle living (son ot^rd Baronet) EDWARD, b. Oct. i 3 th, 1834 ; is a J.P. for Waterford : m. 1858, Anastasia Letitia, da. of James Gee, Esq., of Cappagh, co. Waterford, and has issue living, James, b. 1800, John, b. 1868, Robert, b. 1870, Edward Christopher, b. 1872, William Newcome, b. 1878, Frances Newcome, Anastasia Rose. Residence, Cowichan' Victoria, British Columbia. Widow living Of 4th Baronet FRANCES MARY (Lady Musgrave), da. of the late John Ashton Yates, Esq., M.P. : m. 1845, Sir Richard Musgrave, 4th baronet, who d. 1874. Residence, Tourin, Cappcquin, co. Waterford The 3rd baronet sat as M.P. for co. Waterford, and the 4th baronet was Lord-Lieut, and Gustos Rotulorum of co. Waterford. NAESMYTH, Creation 1706, of Posso, Peeblesshire. Sir JAMES NAESMYTH, 5th Baronet ; b. Feb. 9th, 1827 ; s. his father, Sir JOHN MURRAY. 1876 ; ed. at Haileybury Coll. ; served in B.C.S. 1847-73; is a D. L. and a J. P. for Peeblesshire, and a member of Roy. Co. of Archers : m. 1st, 1850, Eliza Gordon Brodie, who d. 1887, da. of F. Whitworth Russell, Esq., B.C.S. [see Russell, Bart., colls., cr. 1812]; andly, 1888, Agnes Cams-Wilson, da. of the Rev. David Barclay Bevan, ofCourtlands, Tunbridge Wells. $nns Quarterly : ist and 4th, gules, a dexter hand couped Not by knavery, but by bravery. P r P er holdin g a sword palewise argent between two broken

  • hammers or, fftusntyih ; 2nd and 3rd, azure, on a fesse argent,

between three mullets in chief and a sanglier in base of the second, a boar's head couped gules, Baird of Posso. Crtst A hand holding a hammer as in the arms, ^upporttrs Two naked savages wreathed about the loins, and each holding in the exterior hand a sword proper. Seat Dawyck, Peeblesshire. Clubs National, East India United Service, New. Half-Sister living Ada Eleanor. Residence, Uncle living (son of 3rd Baronet)-MICHAEL GEORGE, b. Oct. ioth, 1828 ; is a Civil Engineer : m. 1863, Mary Ann, da. of John Nicholls, Esq., late Usher of the Lord Chancellor's Court, West- minster, and has issue living, James Tolme, b. Aug. 6th, 1864, Arthur Charles, b. 1865, Donald Kilve Luttrell, b. 1874. Residence, Aspern, Kingshall Road, Beckenham. Aunt living (daughter of 3rd Baronet) Jemima : in. 1842, John Boulger, Esq., Barrister-at-law, of the King's Inns, Dublin, and has issue living, Jemima Matilda : in. 1868, Charles Webb, Esq., of Northleigh, Wimborne Minster, Dorset, and has issue living, Charles Nasmyth b. 1869, Murray King b. 1874, Lilian, Vera, Gertrude Wyndham, Caroline Beatrice : in. ist, 1868, George Henry Brettargh Yeates, Esq. ; 2ndly, 1878, William Brydges Webb, Esq. (Capt. Hon. Artillery Co.), of 21, Talbot Square, Hyde Park, V., and has issue living (by ist marriage) Cyril E. Brettargh b. 18 , (by 2nd marriage) Ernest b. 18 , John Edwin Landseer b. 18 , Violet b. 1888. Residence, The family of Naesmyth is of remote antiquity in Tweedale. The family legend is that "in the reign of James III. of Scotland, the royal and baronial powers being nearly equal, repeated struggles took place between the nobles and the king. In one of these conflicts, the Douglas partisans having been victorious, an ancestor of the Naesmyths who fought under the royal standard sought refuge in a neighbouring smithy, and the smith disguised him as his hammersman. The Douglas pursuers, entering the smithy, observed with suspicion the disguised hammersman, who in his agitation struck a false blow with the sledge-hammer, whereupon one of the pursuers rushed at him. calling out, 'Ye're nae smith ; the disguised hammersman however overpowered his assailant, whilst the smith, armed with a red-hot iron bar, rallied the king's followers, headed by Naesmyth, and regained the day. The King thereupon knighted the Naesmyth, and bestowed upon him a grant of lands with armorial bearings and motto, "Not by knavery, but by bravery. " James Naesmyth, inventor of the steam hammer, is lineally descended from Naesmyth of Posso. The ist baronet, an eminent lawyer, was known as " The Deil o* Dawick," and the 2nd baronet sat as M.P. for Peeblesshire. NAPIER, Creation 1627, of Napier, Renfrewshire. Without blemish. Sir ARCHIBALD LENNOX MlLLIKEN NAPIER, ioth Baronet ; b. Nov. 2nd, 1855 ; s. his father, Col. Sir ROBERT JOHN MILLIKEX, 1884 ; formerly Lieut. Grenadier Guards : m. 1880, Mary Allison Dorothy, da. of Sir Thomas Fairbairn, 2nd Baronet, and has issue. Look -well. Quarterly : ist and 4th, argent, a saltire, er.- grailed between four roses gules, Napier; 2nd, azure, a lion rampant argent or, Macdowel ; 3rd, argent, a fesse azure voided of the field between three demi-lions crowned gules, MilKkeH, Crests ist, an arm grasping an eagle's leg proper ; 2nd, a demi-lion rampant gules, holding in his dexter forepaw a dagger or. Supporters Two eagles, with iheir wings closed, proper. Residence Westfield, N. Berwick. Sons living ALEXANDER. LENNOX, b. May, 3 oth, 1882. - Robert Archibald, t>. 1889. Brothers living Robert Francis Ladeveze, b. 1856 ; is Capt. Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, and Adj. of its ist Vol. l!atn. ; received 4th class Medjidieh for service in Egypt : ;;/. 1887, Emily