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XI OCCURRENCES DURING PRINTING AND CORRIGENDA. BARONETAGE. ANSON (page n), Anne Lcetitia, wife of the Rev. Edmund Milnes Ellerbeck, a da., b. Nov. aist, 1892. ANSTRUTHER (page 13), Col. John Anstruther-Thomson, received Vol. Officers' Decoration, Nov. 22nd, 1892. ARBUTHNOT (page 15), Rev. Herbert Mortimer Luckock, D.D., installed Dean of Lichfield, Dec. 2nd, 1892 (Page 16), Arthur Brandreth, d. Dec. 5th, 1892. BAIRD (page 24), Sir James Gardiner, Bart., received Vol. Officers' Decoration, Nov. 22nd, 1892. BARTTELOT (page 31), Rl. Hon. Sir Walter Barttelot, M.P., ist Bart., received Vol. Officers' Decoration, Nov. 29th, 1892. HICKS-BEACH (page 35), Florence, wife of William Wyndham Portal, Esq., a son, b. Nov. 2oth, 1892. PROCTOR-BEAUCHAMP (page 35), Capt. Horace George Proctor-Beauchamp : ;//. Nov. isth, 1892, Florence, only da. of the late H. M. Leavitt, Esq., of New York, U.S.A. WRIXON-BECHER (page 39), Capt. Richard Eyre Goold-Adams, promoted Major, Nov. 22nd, 1892. BOILEAU (page 55), Sir Francis George Manningham, Bart., received Vol. Officers' Decoration, Nov. isth, 1892. BRODIE (page 68), Rev. William Monro Wollaston, appointed a Canon of Gibraltar, Nov. 1892. BROOKE (page 71), Victor Reginald Brooke, gazetted Lieut. 4th Batn. Prince of Wales's Leinster Regt. (Roy. Canadians), Nov. 8th, 1892. BRUCE (page 76), Arthur Francis Bruce, Lieut. I.S.C. : tit. Nov. 22nd, 1892, Rose Goleborn, da. of the late Rev. Henry Swabey, of 6, Gloucester Place, W. BURRARD(page 87), Rev. Charles Burrard Lucas, appointed Dist. Sec. of Additional Curates' So. for Dioceses of Rochester and St. Albans, Nov. 1892. BUXTON (page 91), Hon. Col. Henry Edmund Buxton, received Vol. Officers' Decoration, Nov. isth, 1892. CHINNERY (page no), James Brodrick Chinnery-Haldane, B.A., Ch. Ch., Oxford, Nov. nth, 1892. COOTE (page 129), Eyre Coote, Esq., of West Park, Hants: /.Nov. 24th, 1892, Evelyn Mary, da. of the late Rev. E. Cadogan. GORDON-GUMMING (page 144), Charles Warden Sergison, appointed D. L. for Sussex, Nov. isth, 1892. CUNARD (page 145), Laura Isabel, wife of Rev. Willoughby Chase Parr, a son, b. Nov. 2 znd, 1892. CURTIS (page 152), Lieut.-Col, Charles Herbert Curtis, gazetted Hon. Col., Nov. 25th, 1892. BERING (page 163), Edward Heneage j Dering, d. Nov. 22nd, 1892. I DOUGLAS (page 170), Capt. James Stewart Douglas, R.A., appointed a 2nd- class Assist. Inspector of Warlike Stores, Nov. 1892. DUNTZE (page 179), Frances Elizabeth, widow of Sir John Lewis Duntze, 3rd Bart., d. Nov. 23rd, 1892. EVERY (page 197), Capt. Henry Edmund Every, d. Dec. ist, 1892. FLETCHER (page 215), Sir Henry, M.P., 4th Bart., received Vol. Officers' Decoration, Nov. 29th, 1892. FORBES (page 217), Lady Forbes, of Newe, a da., b. Nov. i2th, 1892.. Mary Anne, Countess of Mar attd Keltic. Resi- dence is, 16, Lowndes Square, S.W. FOWLER (page 222), Percival Fowler, M.I.C.E. : tit. Nov. i2th, 1892, Laura Crampton, el. da. of the late Philip Francis Keintz, Esq. GORDON (page 237), Amy, wife of the Rev. Stuart Churchill, a da., b. Nov. 24th, 1892. HALFORD (page 254). Sir Henry St. John, 3rd Bart., received Vol. Officers' Decoration, Nov. 2gth, 1892. HALKETT (page 255), Sir Peter Arthur, Bart., received Vol. Officers' Decoration, Nov. 22nd, 1892. HANMER (page 260), Lieut. Lambert Alfred Graham Hanmer, W. Riding Regt., gazetted Lieut., I.S.C., Nov. i8th. 1892. HARDY (page 262), Laurence Hardy, Esq., M.P. Town Residence 42, Lowndes Square, S.W. He is also a Member of Carlton Club. HARINGTON (page 263), Col. Robert Edward Stuart Harington-Stuart, received Vol. Officers' Decoration, Nov. 22nd, 1892. FULLER- ACLAND- HOOD (page 285), Hon. Lady, a da., b. Nov. 22nd, 1892. HORT (page 287), Rev. Fenton John Anthony Hort, D.D., d. Nov. soth, 1892. HUMPHERY (page 291), Sir William Henry, Bart., C.B., received Vol. Officers Decoration, Nov. isth, 1892. JENNER (page 299), Lieut. Arthur Charles William Jenner, Lieut. 4th Batn. Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regt.), re- signed his commission, Nov. i8th, 1892. KING (page 312), Mary, wife of Sir Gilbert King, 3rd Bart., d. Nov. 24th, 1892. LAWSON (page 327), Gilfrid Lawson, son of Sir Wilfrid Lawson, ist Bart., d. Nov. isth, 1892. LETHBRIDGE (page 337), Rev. Charles Theodore Mayo, d. Nov. 2ist, 1892. Dorothea, da. of Charles Lethbridge, Esq., of Sherfield Manor, Basingstoke : m. Nov. xyth, 1892, Arthur F. Charrington, Esq.