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DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Daughters living Annie Bidelia Margaret. Lucy. Ella Maude. Frances Mary. Clare Mary. Aimee Margaret Julia. Brother living Michael, 6. 1829 ; Bar. King's Inn, Dublin 1857. Residence, Drumconoia, Ermis. Sister living Bidelia. Residence, Drumconora, Ennis. The ist baronet, the Right Hon. Sir Michael, a distinguished lawyer, was M.P. for Dungarvan (Z.) 1835-6, a Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland 1836-7, and Master of the Rolls there 1837-42. He was the first Roman Catholic that, since the Revolution of 1688, was raised to a judicial office either in England or Ireland. The 2nd baronet was a Privy Councillor, and M.P. for co. Clare (L) 1863-77. O'MALLEY, Creation 1804, of the Manor of Carramore, Mayo. [Extinct 1892.] Sir WILLIAM O'MALLEY, K.B., 2nd and last Baronet. WidOW living Of 2nd Baronet CAROLINE MARIB (Lady O'Mailey), da. of the late Samuel Favez, Esq. : t. 1888, as his 2nd wife, Sir William O'Mailey, 2nd baronet, who d. 1892. Resi- dence, 7, Argyll Road, Kensington, W. Collateral Branch living. Issue of the late Henry O'Mailey, Esq., 3rd son of ist baronet, b. 1818, d. 1867 : m. 1858, Blanche Alice, who d. 1869, da. of Daniel Robertson, Esq., of Kilvernels, Hants: Rose May. Residence, Holland House, Southsea. ONSLOW, Creation 1797, of Altham, Lancashire. Sir WILLIAM WALLACE RHODERIC ONSLOW, 5th Baronet ; b. 1845 ; s. his father, Sir MATTHEW RICHARD, 1876 ; ed. at Marlborough ; formerly Lieut. I2th Foot, and Capt. 3rd Batn. Duke of Cornwall's L.I. ; served in New Zealand war (medal) ; is a J.P. and a D.L. for cos. Cornwall (High Sheriff 1883) and Wilts : m. 1873, Octavia Katherine, da. of Sir Francis Arthur Knox-Gore, ist Baronet, and has issue. ^nns Argent, a fesse gules between six Cornish choughs proper. Crtst An eagle sable preying upon a partridge or. jtaonft Blotto "Semper fidelis" (Ahvays faithful). Seats Hengar, Bodmin ; Chitterne, Heytesbury. Clubs Naval and Military, Carlton. Festina lente. Sons living-ROGER WARIN BEACONSFIELD, h. April 2 9 th, 1880. Fonuard with caution. William Gore Anlaby, b. 1887. Daughters living Ethel Nina Amy Onslow. Edith Doreen Onslow. Gwendolen Muriel Onslow. Brothers living Henry Haworth Newton, b. 1852; formerly Lieut. S. Devon Militia: in. 1888, Mary, da. of the late Rev. Canon George Martin, D.D., and R. of St. Breward's, Cornwall, and has issue living, Dorothy Onslow, b. 1890. Residence, Woodbrpok, Dawlish, Devon. John Royds Dennistoun, b, 1854 ; formerly Capt. Cornwall Rangers Militia : HI. 1885, Edith Mary, da. of the late Thomas Commins, Esq., of Bodmin, and has issue living, Cranley Dennistoun, b. 1886. Humphrey Cedric, b. 1889. Residence, Pyinmana, Upper Burmah. Sisters living Edith Mathewanna: in. 1870, Henry Mouat Wood, Esq. Amelia Frances: in. 1871, Lieut.-Col. Horace Richard Le Marchant Carey, I.S.C.,and has issue living, Horace William Wallace Onslow, b. 1872. Alice Constance Kathleen : m. 1873, Lieut. Harry T. Stockton, U.S.A. Navy, who d. 1886, and has issue living, Hugh Cyril Onslow, b. 1879, Gwendolen Kathleen Violet. Residence, Somerville, 82, St. Andrew's Road, Southsea, Hants. Half-Brothers living- -.ffm Matthew Richard Septimus, b. 1856 ; ed. at Pembroke Coll., Oxford (M.A. 1883); is a Chap. R.N. : m. 1883, Mary, who d. 1884, da. of the late Rev. Edward Jonathan Green, V. of Leintwardine. Arthur Herbert, b. 1862 : in. 1892, Alice Constance Edith, da. of Marmaduke Constable, Esq., of Hill House, Southampton. Residence, Clifton, Bristol. Uncle living (son of 2nd Baronet) Arthur Walton, A 1813 ; retired Lieut.-Col. Bengal Army : m. 184^7, Isabella, who d. 1880, da. of John Penrice, Esq., of Witton House, Norfolk, and has issue living, Herbert Arthur Walton, R.N., b. 1851 ; became Com. 1887, Gerald Charles Penrice, b. 1853 ; is Majcr R.E. ; served in Afghan war 1879-80 (medal with two clasps), and in Burmah War 1885-6 (medal with clasp) : in. 1880, Flora Frances Mary, da. of the late William Donald, Esq., of Lisle House, Cheltenham, and has issue living, Arthur Gerald b. 1885, Milo Richard Beaumont b. 1888, Eric Montague, b. 1890, Brian Walton b. 1892, Dora Frances, Violet Isabella, Richard Cranley, b. 1857; is Capt. I.S.C. ; served in Afghan war 1879-80 (medal): in. 1883, Edith, da. of Francis . Beer, Esq., and has issue living, Edith Maud, Cecil Isabel, Alice Mary, Blanche Isabel: m. 1870, William Bousfield, Esq., Barrister-at-law (Club, Athenaeum), of 33, Stanhope Gardens, S.W. , and Great Bookham, Surrey, Florence Maude : m. 1876, Capt. George Burchell Graham (formerly of 33rd Regt.), Ethel Augusta: ;. 1880, Charles Loder Gilbert, Esq. Resi- dence, Cranley Lodge, Cheltenham. Club, New (Cheltenham). Aunt living (daughter of 2nd Baronet) Frances Anne : m. 1849, John Dennistoun. Esq., who d 1870, formerly M.P. for Glasgow. Residence, Daughters living Of 3rd Baronet Ellen Mary : /. 1876, Lieut.-Col. William Glencross, ist Batn. Lancashire Fusiliers, and has issue living, John William Cranley Onslow, b. 1879, Ellen Maria